kudo kazahaya

This is technically a redraw of something I made like… 8? 10? Who knows how many years ago? I have no idea, but that’s fine bc the concept of time is all but destroyed in their verse anyway.

But yeah, I found this unfinished sketch of Kazahaya and Watanuki and I was like “I kinda wanna ink it…….” but then I just decided to redraw it bc it was pretty old and thus not really, well, good. 

Day 1: Favorite Male Character/Least Favorite Male Character

Favorite Male Character: Kudo Kazahaya from Legal Drug/Drug & Drop!

I love Kazahaya’s naivety. He acts really young but he can also be deeply insightful because of his ‘gift’. He’s also such a hard worker!

Least Favorite Male Character: Fei Wang Reed

A.K.A. That evil bitch with the butt chin.