angelkarliekloss asked:

[text] Better late than never, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!! I hope you had the most amazing day because if there's anyone out there who deserves it, it's you! I love you so so much and can't wait to see you again real soon! Give Lan lots of Karlie Kuddles and keep a bunch to yourself, babe!

Text: THANK YOU! I seriously miss you, you know that? Stop being a gorgeous super model and come love little old me soon. Please and thank you! Love you!!

flowersgrowinginmylungs asked:

Are you still doing ships? Wyr friends w/benefits Michael or Calum FMK Luke Ashton Calum I ship you with Luke You're so gorgeous omg

Yes I am (: I’d rather be friends w/benefits with Calum.. F: Ashton M: Calum Kuddle: Luke I know it’s not cuddle but the other one was just not fair :’( And thank you so so much for the ship ! 

  • Ship: Calum
  • Why I ship you both: *sighs* where to begin? First of all Calum is really independent and I think he’d love to be with someone that’s independent themselves. Besides, you’re looking for creativity and freedom and I think that’s exactely what he’d be up for too.You’d be a really adventurous couple, and would love to talk about everything and anything. Secondly I’m astrology trash and I know Leo and Aquarius have a great connection, as I am an Aqua myself. So yeah, well that was pretty long :P
  • Best friend in the band: Michael
  • Ship name I suck at this one so it should be fun: Halum or Cannah
  • Song on shuffle from my playlist: Empty gold by Halsey
  • A compliment: You’re the type of person I’d definitely like to be friends with! You’re beautiful and omg can I be your friend?? Also I’m now following you bc you’re cool af (:

Thanks for the request (:

Want one of these? It’s 1:40 am and I have to get up at 6 for school tomorrow but keep sending requests and I’ll continue with the ships tomorrow.. Goodnight everyone!