Give Atem a break, it’s been a century since the last human dared the trials, he’s hoping for a good challenge. 

hgjkdfhsg owie my hand;; THIS IS just really random idea I came up with for my puzzledragon designs ahhh I’m sorry if they seem a little ooc, it kinda got out of hand with the writing but it was fun!!! Challenging, but fun. 



THIS WAS REALLY HARD but I did it oh my god

Inspired by this which was inspired by another post…. I’ve never drawn Gobber or Stoick before, but I wanted to give it a try! IT WAS REALLY HARD but I think I pulled it off!

It’s not perfect, but I hope it gives you a good laugh!

Faded into the setting sun
I’ll see you again I’ll carry on
Feeling like I’m floating leaves in the fleeting sky
You can sing that song

Little doodle that turned into… this… (plz open in new tab)

didn’t bother cleaning up the lineart but tried a little too hard on the faces, dug deep into my Anime™ roots and used references from one of my fave doujin artists. I think it turned out cute, plz enjoi

Buruaizu, the Metallic Wyvern

This dragon has been much sought after in the past for its metal scales, resulting in it being extremely rare due to overhunting. It thrives in high-altitude, and can absorb and channel electric shocks through its scales and concentrate them between the two tusks on its maw - resulting in an extremely devastating lightning beam attack. 

There’s been rumors of various mutations of this species in the past, one such creature being malformed at birth and having three heads. Only one documented sighting of such a creature exists.

Tried to make a monster hunter-themed blue eyes, I think I only half succeeded. Oh well, it looks neat.

also this was inspired by @duel-a-day’s awesome arts right here, read the tags


Finished the Storm Hawks profile views! 

Tidied up the Aerrow and Piper views I posted before, though they still look a little thicker because I was using a larger brush before. Also, I noticed that I forgot some hair on Piper that rests on the back of her neck from under her hairband, but I like how this looks a bit more.

Finn’s hair was a PAIN. I decided to go with more just sticky-uppy styled hair than trying too hard to follow his models shape. I think I need to make the back of his head larger though, still. Junko was easypeasy, the dear sweetheart.

Stork and Radarr were a little more difficult merely because despite how often they show up, it’s hard to get a clear profile view of them. Not sure if I have Radarr’s ears long enough. I really like how Stork turned out.

All in all, quite satisfied with how they turned out! Drew them all by eye. Hope this helps me a little with future drawings!


Hey, Kid! Whacha’ hiding there?

wanted to get a doodle done before I went to bed, this took longer than I anticipated.

Bill turned out ok, Dipper was an experiment in style. I think I messed his legs up, but he’s otherwise ok. 

I didn’t realize how small this thing was till it was too late. Might tidy it up later and enlarge it.

We’ll carry on, we’ll carry on
And though you’re dead and gone, believe me
Your memory will carry on, we’ll carry on
And in my heart, I can’t contain it
The anthem won’t explain it

I’m sorry this is a big bag of crap but i finally downloaded The Black Parade and things happened during Welcome To The Black Parade

im sorry this is like really bad and what happens when I just draw and everything looks bad im sorry


BEHOLD. My very own Wheatlydroid. ow my hand.

Ok so I put like wayyy too much effort and detail into this shmuck and now nobody’s gonna want to ever draw him lMAO I drew a lot of inspiration from Faragon’s Wheatley b’cause theirs is the best, and it’s a look I liked a lot and wanted to run with. 

I made my Wheatley a lot more robotic - his body model is one of the last Aperture’s Athletic build Android ™ where they were experimenting with more sportsy type forms to put through their testing - the project was scrapped when the robots strength proved to be too strong, and they ‘solved’ puzzles by smashing through walls.

He wasn’t actually supposed to get this body, but they were running out of supplies so they jammed him into this model. The proportions suited him, but thankfully (?) he’s fairly useless, his programming and parts only work to their full potential half the time, and even rarely at that. The only thing he seems to be able to do is run - and man alive, can he run. (Also despite him having the grace of a newborn giraffe he’s surprisingly deft when he’s fleeing for his life)

If put under duress (or he needs to protect himself) his models’ proper programming kicks in and he can easily lift the approximate weight of a dump truck. Or put that force behind a fist. It’s a good thing he’s so faulty. He could really hurt someone.

I still think I accidentally made him too attractive and not Wheatleyish enough??? but this is the best I could manage right now ghjfdksg His personality is just as Wheatleyish as any of them out there. Enjoy!