kudari (pokemon)

☆☆☆ [ subway bosses emmet and ingo want to battle! ] ☆☆☆

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From the folks I’ve seen on tumblr, Subway Masters fans seem to wind up:

  • with minimalistic/elegant themes
  • very often artists (bonus points if they have a tall/lanky/wispy style, but also somewhat creepy, rather than just straight-up elegant and pretty)
  • black&white/monochrome aesthetic for life
  • have a thing for uniforms (military seems especially common)
  • either friendly chatterboxes or quiet and snarky

Like, you can almost just tell, even if they’re not posting the content anymore. It permeates. To be fair, I wasn’t around from the start, so I don’t know how many had these qualities before or after, but. I’m gonna tease anyway.


So recently I got my hands on the Pokémon Black and White manga (booklet, volume 12)  including a chapter with the Subway Bosses which hasn’t been uploaded/translated online and is pretty much impossible to find anywhere on the web. So I’d thought I’d share a few pages with my fellow submas fans. I love how Emmet is talking back to Ingo and how he eavesdrops on the girls. xD

No copyright infringement intended. Please buy the book if you want to read the whole chapter. ~