Kudalyn: http://alternative-pokemon-art.tumblr.com/post/77887005919/artist

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: ^

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE

Kudalyn: hahaha

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: Significantly large psychic battle on mass scale

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: Zoom out on earth exploding in space

Kudalyn: hahaha

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: One lone espurr floats among earth’s space rubble greedily clutching the puff and nibbling on it

Kudalyn: awww

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: “Captains Log: Day 214, yet to see other signs of life…. Still worth it.”

it’s only just now 10 am and I’ve never drawn an exploding earth or an Espurr ok 

also I have no idea what a psychic battle would look like just click the link for how the idea started hehe