Kudalyn: http://alternative-pokemon-art.tumblr.com/post/77887005919/artist

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: ^

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE

Kudalyn: hahaha

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: Significantly large psychic battle on mass scale

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: Zoom out on earth exploding in space

Kudalyn: hahaha

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: One lone espurr floats among earth’s space rubble greedily clutching the puff and nibbling on it

Kudalyn: awww

IttyBittyHorrorSilly: “Captains Log: Day 214, yet to see other signs of life…. Still worth it.”

it’s only just now 10 am and I’ve never drawn an exploding earth or an Espurr ok 

also I have no idea what a psychic battle would look like just click the link for how the idea started hehe

faydragon replied to your post:im gonna bring my sketchbook to werk tell me what…

Your most favorite dragons of all time!

bleh! pooted something out, dont know if I’m gonna do much doodles tonight.

These are the two that came to mind. Toothless is the only dragon that like… I could relate to/remember a lot. I mean, there’s been dragons that have come and gone, but Toothless has stuck around. Look at all my toothless toys.

tossed in a Flygon too - favourite dragon pokemon. Hell, I have a httyd fan dragon based off of a flygon, though i really should draw more of him… hm. it doesn’t look very good here though, sorry. 

Toothless looks p cute. chubby baby

anyways, enjoy uwu

Battled someone in their secret base today! Was really neat to see their shinies - along with their ‘beautiful’ Pikachu, they had a shiny Hawlucha which was surprisingly powerful.

And then there was that damn shiny mega Metagross. 

It kept spamming Zen Headbutt, and took out my entire team - save for one.

My Milotic didn’t do much damage to it, but managed to hang in through 10+ repeated Zen Headbutts (with some help from some moomoo milk) until we managed to defeat the Metagross!

After that I was inspired to finish her supertraining! Boosted her Sp. Def and Def to the max! She still has a way to go (might re-supertrain her in the end to put more points into her defence) but!! 

My little powerhouse, Opalescence!!

Poketeam is a go!

Er, more like a team I would like to have in the future! Still only halfway there haha;; And even then Froslass might even be put on a separate team but I didn’t NOT want to include her and - - - 

idk just Pokemon I like. Can’t wait till I can get Frillish in my X!!!

Started as a small thing and just grew - didn’t linger on the lines n stuff.



I SPENT ALL FUCKING DAY ON THISsi holy shit why did I spend all day on this 

I’m not joking it’s 8 pm and I started at 1 pm

lays on the floor ANYWAYS

Gareth I used a Salamence for the base - I was gonna use both Hydreigon and Salamence but Hydreigon didn’t have the right head shape to it so I just edited Salamence by hand

Pip I used Keldeo - I was gonna use Ponyta but Ponyta didn’t have the right face or body shape.

Win I used a trainer sprite and a Krokorok head - originally it was Feraligatr but the head was WAY too big, so I modified Krokorok as I pleased.

P much all sprites I used here I got from The Spriters Resource - I used both HG/SS and B/W sprites to make this work!

If you didn’t see the link before, the ask that inspired me to do this for it is on Win’s blog here!


BLARgh this is what I made in my hour or so of pooting around in Sculptris, haha;;

It’s not bad! imo, for my first try. There’s still a few odd parts here and there but I’m still learning stuff n yeh. Might try finishing the rest of it! maybe..

but not bad! I think