Hey, Kid! Whacha’ hiding there?

wanted to get a doodle done before I went to bed, this took longer than I anticipated.

Bill turned out ok, Dipper was an experiment in style. I think I messed his legs up, but he’s otherwise ok. 

I didn’t realize how small this thing was till it was too late. Might tidy it up later and enlarge it.


I’ll Be Watching You..

yass look what I got finished!! I’ll have the linearts and flats and stuff in a separate post.

Halfway between a challenge and something easy, I just had fun with it. Toying with the idea of putting it up as a print/t-shirt, but nobody buys my stuff anyways SO yeah

It was really hard to try and center everything and even now I’m not 100% sure :/ also Still feel like there should be something else in this but anything I tried seemed like it distracted from the core composition. oh well


Cute boys, bright glowing colors, glOWING LIQUID OOZING OUT FROM ORIFICES?? I’m there.

Sickingfucking’s oc Matten, a bioluminescent monster cutie <3

I did this in the style/inspiration of her other amazing artworks of him here and here - it’s nowhere near as good as hers but I wanted to give it a try, ah;; 

hope you don’t mind;; ((also it’s not all that good imo cause I was using my laptop and manga studio not my normal desktop and said combo so not my usual set up;;))


Again I hope the colors look right on all your screeeeeeens but HEY THIS THING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A QUICK DOODLE it took like 3 hours.

Meemo helped me out with getting the legs correct, cause I wasted like a whole hour alone on those. Also I’m not super jazzed with the coloring but whatever the lineart is good at least. Went with a cartoony style for fun.

Witchsona who likes dragons a little bit too much and has constantly burnt and singed clothes from training dragons and raiding nests. 

As I was drawing this I realized I think I finally found out where most of my early style influence came from………

Some good ol’ Dragon Booster art! Catching up on the series, was never able to finish it as a kid and I’m having lots of fun!!

PS I got the real itch to draw this when I found something I never noticed before - when in Dragon Booster form, Arthas’ eyes turn gold *w* (only after his first transformation though - in the first episode his eyes are normal blue. I like the gold very much <3 eye color change??? MY BRAND )

so trying to design a halloween costume for my hoodiedragon somehow turned into me making a Journey dragon red/white cloak design thingy???

and I rather like it???

and this is gonna sound so dumb but like please don’t take the design or claim it as your own or whatever, I actually really like it so

yeah thanks


sorry about the sorta repost! Refined Rho’s color scheme and design just a tad, and tossed in a bunch of bad doodles.

Along with Rho’s weird, giant eyes, they have a huge set of jagged chompers on them. They learned to not smile after a few months of being on Earth.

They summon their blades by hitting the gem on their chest with their fists, they can summon one at a time or both at once by crossing their arms and hitting their gem. But I might change this, unsure. I still can’t decide exactly where to put their Gem…

Their fighting style is a la Dual Blades from the Monster Hunter series. Big, sweeping slashes and quick movements. Also tossed in a perhaps helmet/visor thing that appears when they puts their ‘hood’ up? Donno, playing around with it.

Everyone else is making such gorgeous Gemsonas and I’m here like… 80′s space alien chic idk

Thank you to those who liked/reblogged Rho’s first post!

this is all I got done tonight, but it’s not half bad. 

I’m glad I decided to go with profile views for the initial studies, if I did 3/4s right now I’d be so pissed over them haha;;; profile views are so much easier and nicer for me to draw…

ANYWAYS Aerrow and Piper. Aerrow was fairly easy to whip up, he’s relatively standard with my ‘young protagonist’ experience. Piper was more of a challenge - I’m still thinking of playing around more with her lips. Her nose was a pain, and I’m still not 100% sure with it. But her hair is spot-on.

I’m gonna do the rest of the storm hawks, hopefully. Then once I got the profiles done I’ll try to tackle the 3/4s. I hate drawing frontals though. Might cheap out on those haha;;;