Behold! a relatively accurate reference/study for Kass. 

Why? because I love the birb husbando. and his design is really fun to draw and it was a good exercise! It’s not perfect, but it does the trick. 

Since his clothes cover most of his chest and back this is my best guess for how he looks without them. I might do a version of this with his clothes at a later date.

Next up is Sidon, once I gather enough references for him!


Cute boys, bright glowing colors, glOWING LIQUID OOZING OUT FROM ORIFICES?? I’m there.

Sickingfucking’s oc Matten, a bioluminescent monster cutie <3

I did this in the style/inspiration of her other amazing artworks of him here and here - it’s nowhere near as good as hers but I wanted to give it a try, ah;; 

hope you don’t mind;; ((also it’s not all that good imo cause I was using my laptop and manga studio not my normal desktop and said combo so not my usual set up;;))


Warmup and doodle for @elektronx of their character Eka! With my little flare for fun. Listened to Paradigm by Leslie Wai while drawing it!

A while ago I saw her design and really liked it! So I asked if I could draw her sometime, and got the okay. I had a different drawing started before, but I wasn’t feeling it so I left it till later. Got bit by the bug to finish it today, but ended up redrawing it! Turned out okay I think. Included the head designs that I got done of the initial drawing.

I tweaked her design a little for fun - I figured something more jaggedy would match her sound wave spikes for the pupil (plus I like drawing it) and I thought it’d be a neat idea to make her horns more like headphones! Cause she’s sound-based, ya know… yeah. Also lots of glowy fun. Cause glowy. Oh, and made her neckmarkthings kinda more soundwave idk… had fun! haha