Have some Atlantis: The Lost Empire ponies! 

They were both great fun to draw, I worked really hard to try and get them to be as accurate as I could get em. Milo was fairly easy, Kida’s face was a little difficult but I think it turned out okay.

I made the crystal be Kida’s horn instead of a necklace, just for fun. I think it works. The book was hard to draw, yeesh. 


Froggyyyyyyyyyyyyy You replied to my message in such a nice supportive way I wanted to draw something for you so I went looking through your art for a doodle of yourself but instead I found a frog with a flan so I drew that  with Kudapony flopped over Hi frog

hope you like it even though it’s derpy

Here we go! Back to the classics, Greedler and Oncie ponis!

I ended up kinda emulating the style of the blog a bit more than originally anticipated, but that’s k! Came out nicely. Greedler’s coat was a bitch to put on him, but it came out in the end.

Cutie marks reflect on themselves: Oncie’s is hope for new beginnings (and music-note shaped plants) and Greedler’s is foreboding and dying (not like he’ll listen to it anyways)

Butt touch!


organizing equals listening to pony music equals wanting to draw ponies! So I defaulted to my usual doodling pone uwu

obligatory power pony Starlight Gear! What even are those colors. Graphic design is my passion.

At least it was an excuse to draw long flowing hair!

Two for one Spooks! Decided since Spook’s deoncelerized he deserved a new pony form! I’m gonna be doing Rocky too. 

I had lots of fun with this guy and I have lots of ideas for him :D Sorry if there are any  incorrections with his storyline or personality or whatever.


Spook wears lots of clothing, specially for a pony, for multiple reasons. One is that he’s a pegasus, but very few ponies know this because he does his best to hide his wings, like his face. When he snapped, he mutilated his wings as well, and hasn’t been able to fly since he was young. He’s okay with this however - he’s forgotten what it’s like to fly. 

He also hides his cutie mark with his hoodie, because his cutie mark changes with his mental stability. Normally it’s like shown, but when he’s feeling particularly unstable or haunted, a mask actually appears on his cutie mark. The more unstable he is, the stronger it is.

His cutie mark isn’t mutilated because he didn’t obtain his cutie mark till he met Rocky. It wasn’t until he started to befriend him and learn to truly enjoy his music to his full extent did he obtain it. Rocky threw him a ‘big’ party when it appeared- big as in an entire night of gaming, movies and pastries just for Spook and him.


Sorry his coat color is the same as his skin - the color just suits him so well! And also sorry his cutie mark is so unoriginal - honestly I thought that his guitar was one of the things that described him best. 

Here’s his previous, oncelered design. Hope you enjoy!


I’m tired, I’m grumpy, here have a onceler pony. (sorry it’s so small - I hadn’t realized the size till i zoomed out and by then I didn’t want to redraw it so -shrugs-)

I was going to have him be an alicorn, but I figured he’d prefer to look more like a normal pony than a god so he could fit in a bit better.

His cutie mark/god marking was a bit of a challenge - I couldn’t draw it to make it fit across his back and shoulders so I just made him an elaborate cutie mark. The first design was my try to get it to stretch along his side, but it looked a bit awkward. I liked the design though.

Also I put flowers in his tail for fun.