Pipe foxes plush toys up for sale!

Anyone remember these little guys? Based on the kuda-kitsune or pipe fox from the xxxHolic anime/manga – itself based on a legendary Japanese spirit-familiar said to live in a bamboo pipe. I made the first of them way back in my CLAMP phase, and have recently gotten back into the habit of making a few more here and there to sell at cons and the like. Since I’m a little hard up for cash right now, I thought I’d see if anyone online might like to order one of my latest batch.

All pipe foxes have an easily-bendable wire core, so they can be posed or wrapped around an arm or neck as you please. Standard colours are tan or white, though as the photos show, I’ve also had requests for them in various other shades over the years. What can I say – there aren’t many colours they don’t look cute in.

Pipe foxes are available for $25 each. Postage is $18 to the USA, $9.90 within Australia, $22 to Europe, and $16 to South-East Asia (though if you do want more than one, I’m pretty sure I can get a couple into the one box without putting the postage cost up any). Email me for postage costs elsewhere. I take paypal for preference. I’ve already got fur on hand in all the colours shown here, and I can get it in a number of other colours as well, though I’ll usually have to charge $5 extra for materials if it’s a colour I haven’t done before.

If you’re interested, you can reach me at rallamajoop at gmail dot com.

Or, if you happen to live in Perth, Australia, you can skip the postage costs and get one off me in person. I’ll have a few to sell at the Ani-Games Showdown event tomorrow, and quite probably at a few more cons to come through the year as well.