THIS WAS REALLY HARD but I did it oh my god

Inspired by this which was inspired by another post…. I’ve never drawn Gobber or Stoick before, but I wanted to give it a try! IT WAS REALLY HARD but I think I pulled it off!

It’s not perfect, but I hope it gives you a good laugh!


jackthevulture itstimetodisappear 


Don’t look at it too close up, it’s pretty messy. I’m v sure someone else out there has done a better designed hybrid, but I went for a more direct blending of the two so…. weh, it’s something drawn, heh


Kuda’s my name, crossovers are my game.

Hiccup the duelist - unassuming and dweeby but once his deck hits the table your ass is grass. Heavily dragon-themed deck, with the occasional machine-equip support. His trump card is the Starry Night Furious Dragon, one of a kind powerful card that’s his signature. He doesn’t always use it to win but he really enjoys the duels where he needs to use it. Means it’s a challenge.

Slapped on lazy screentone layer, also bonus disembodied detailed Hiccup head to PROVE that yes I can draw better, but I can’t be arsed to put in that much effort half the time. 


Hey look, more scribbles.

Anyways, decided to give a try at drawing out what I think Feral!Hiccup dresses like in hiilikedragon’s story, Wild Hearts! (it’s fantab go read it!)

I’m no designer. But I wanted to keep Hiccup’s main design in HTTYD2 the same here, just because it’s so… Hiccup-y. Even in the wilds surrounded by dragons Valka managed to somehow make her own leather and scale armor, so I figured Hiccup would too, with his own flair of course.

I added a few details from Valka’s armor into it, mainly the excessive use of leather straps (wait Hiccup already has that) and some dragon spikes! He also mimicked Valka’s use of bright paint - but a color he liked more. I added a few colors from Valka’s scheme because hey - she already has the colors, why wouldn’t Hiccup use it too?

Also his staff - from the first time I read the story I pictured Hiccup’s staff to have a large rock at the end of it as the bludgeon, and I looked up old stone clubs and the sort to see how they’d attach the rocks to sticks (lots and lots of leather straps, hey!) And I figured the blade would/could probably be a large dragon spike sharpened and carved into a blade. I added the holes in it for some flair, maybe they can make noise like Valka’s staff?

Hiccup of course put some flashy dragon design on his left shoulder, and he has a few hidden blades on him as well, most noticably the one on his right forearm and right boot. His cloak is from a large brown bear that was killed by some dragons defending itself, and Hiccup figured the pelt wasn’t too scorched so he made himself a cloak. He also has some dragon hide on him, but only from dragons who died naturally of course. Mostly on his upper torso under his leather. He doesn’t want it to be too noticable lest the dragons get upset over it.

Aaaand his mask! Big, spiky, and rather alien looking. And more red! Yay! That’s not scary at all is it. Then things like his leather gloves and metal kneepads to help protect him while he’s out romping on all fours… read the story, you’ll understand. 

Anyways, I just had fun with this, hope you like!


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I’d very much appreciate it if you completelyt ignore my attempt at manga shading/greyscale and just look at the inks coz I’m at least somewhat happy with how they turned out soooooooooo

Woke up with an idea this morning - HTTYD/Ral Grad crossover.

Hiccup’s home has for generations been at war with Shadows - monstrous creatures that exist and are born from the dark. They eat anything they can get their mouths on to add to their strength and to change their forms and powers.

Through a series of events, Hiccup finds himself at the mercy of a dangerous Shadow in the forests surrounding his home village, with another Shadow nearly slain from the first one - having being weakened beforehand by an invention of Hiccup’s. The second Shadow strikes up a deal with Hiccup, let him possess Hiccup and join their intelligence and power to survive - Hiccup accepts.

Through much trial and error, Hiccup becomes the first person in his village’s history to have successfully partnered and befriended with Shadow - and on top of that it’s the legendary Night Fury - a Shadow that is darker than the blackest black, and is unbeatable in speed and power.

pttttbbbhthtb I could write a bunch more but here you go whatever. 


What a better day to finish this than today! A whole ton of dragon tongues for you to enjoy! 

Available as stickers on my Redbubble - and a whole bunch of other things, seeing as how I conveniently made the file really big…

These’d also be good buttons, but alas, I don’t have a button maker :S Maybe some day!


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I watched A:tlE andddddd felt like drawing an Atlantean Toothless or something idk…. glowy blue lines n junk. He looks a little wonky cause I didn’t use too many references, and I gotta sit down and do another study session of Toothless, I’m a lil rusty.

Guess this goes right up there under weird dragon crossovers with my Ender Toothless, right?


Behold! The blunder of Toopliss and Strumflee, with special guests Floop and Berndert.

………..these were really fun to do, aside from the fact that as I drew them they got progressively more and more strange….. and I used the marker tool which was rather smooth to line with, instead of my usual pen tool.

… it just wasn’t working out with the pen tool on these ones.

Anyways, Toopliss and Strumflee designed by the ever wonderful @faragornart! I have some brainchilds for derps for the other main dragons, but I think those designs would best be left to the experts ;)

Enjoy the derp!


Species: Fluttering Skyspinner
Class: TBA

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A dragon of high intelligence and even higher flexibility, the Skyspinner is a dragon that only the best of the best can ride. 

Riders of a Skyspinner must have three things: Strong legs, a very good harness, and an iron stomach. These dragons are a sight to behold in the sky, fluttering and flying like a ribbon caught in the wind - or a modern-day rollercoaster. With six wings and long rudder fins to catch the wind, they are near-unparalleled in their flying abilities. 

Their middles set of wings are their main set, being much larger and arguably stronger than the other two sets. Each set of wings can move independently in various patterns, allowing it to have superb control over it’s flight path and velocity. It can also hover arguably as well as a Gronkle can, with it’s head able to keep steady in mid-air no matter what it’s body is doing. It can also fly with only it’s main set of wings very easily, which with a rider it usually does out of courtesy. When necessary however, all wings come into play, and the rider had best hope they hadn’t had anything to eat prior the flight.

Skyspinners come in every color the sky does. Some are dark stormy greys and blacks, with flashes of bright white or yellow like lightning strikes across their scales. Others are gorgeous hues of oranges and pinks, with sploches of twilight blue. Any color the sky has, you can find a Skyspinner in those same colors.

This species of dragon is nearly never seen on the ground. While they do land to nest and raise their young, nearly 90% of the rest of their lives are in the air - another reason why it’s so rare for one to have a rider. They never want to land! They can sleep on the wing, their wings with locking joints, and they sleep with half their brain alert for disturbances or changes in the air pressure. 

Their fire is as beautiful as it is deadly - in every color of the sunset the fire blossoms out in large vibrant clouds that take a while to dissipate, often used as more of a defence than an attack. While their attacker is trying to get out of the burning cloud of flames, the Skyspinner swiftly makes it’s escape.

All of the Skyspinner’s wings double as walking limbs. While it’s winged limbs gives it a very odd gait, it can get around on land well enough. Keeping it’s secondary, larger set of wings folded up, it walks around on the other four limbs, though it is known to be able to switch between limbs when necessary. It can even use all six limbs for walking and crawling up sheer cliffs - but why would they do that when they have so many wings at their disposal?

If a rider does manage to befriend and train a Skyspinner however, they will never see the skies the same way again. These dragons with their high intelligence and vast emotional range are lifelong companions, willing to give up their love of the sky just to spend time on the land with their human riders. However a rider had better get used to long hours in the saddle - these dragons need their exercise, or they get into all sorts of mischief!

Many thanks to Momo and Desy for helping me out with this guy’s design - I’ve spent 2? maybe 3 days on this guy, and I really like how he turned out haha;;; Sorry for the longass writeup on it!

I’m gonna come up with a saddle design for him later, and I really should do something like this for Bandit! This fella might also have his own rider OC, but I’m still fleshing her out.

ALSO PLZ HELP with what class he should be! I have no idea haha;;;


Do you know how hard it is to articulate 6 wings????

Anyways, more info on Skyspinners, particularly Unn’s dragon!

This is Flupp. That’s his name. 

Flupp is a amalgamation of “fly” and “up” - two things Unn found herself demanding when first learning to ride her dragon, so that became his name.

Unn and Flupp met when she was 14 - on a normal day of flying and patrolling with her nestmates she spotted Flupp flying and soaring in the skies over her territory. In a hell of a chase through the clouds on a Nadder, Flupp decided to finally investigate this odd creature on the back of a dragon, and the two were instantly inseparable.

Flupp and Unn’s bond is much like Toothless’ and Hiccups - brotherly soulmates. The two of them are rarely apart. Even though Flupp’s species naturally spend 90% of their lives in the skies, he sacrifices his love of the sky to spend more time with his rider on her natural habitat - the ground. 

That’s not to say that the two of them don’t try to spend as much time as physically possible in the air. Flupp’s saddle was one that Unn made herself - it’s not the best, and the weak materials often break and need replacing, but it’s the best she can do. She learns to have strong legs and arms, and catching her when she falls off his back has become second nature to her dragon.

It’s not easy riding a Skyspinner. They ride the wind like a ribbon, their incredibly flexible body and multitude of wings making riding it a challenge even to the most experienced dragon rider. Flying becomes MUCH easier once the two of them have a proper saddle - something that comes later in their story.

Where Unn is hotheaded, Flupp is cool. He’s her voice of reason, pulling her out of dangerous situations and helping her keep from flying off the handle - literally. He’s wary and cautious, and it takes a lot to earn his trust, but once you do, he’ll trust you with his life.

Skyspinners are not from the Berkian region - they normally prefer warmer climates, but are known to wander in their lives in the skies. It’s hard to find Skyspinners when it’s not laying season, as the spend so much time in the vast expanse of the sky. The only time to really find them is the few months when they land to lay and take care of their young - and as soon as the babies can fly properly they’re off again.

Eventually once I get some really nice art done for these guys I’ll make another big post on the species, and what it takes to earn one as a rider. For now, enjoy my scribbles.


Lineart done, from the stream!!

Sorry about the giant watermarkthingy, this is just one of my most complicated and detailed pieces to date, and I just wanna try and discourage any… ideas. 

Super super proud of how this turned out!!!! Entire lineart took about…4 and a half hours. Not too bad. 

Turns out hoarding images off tumblr came in handy, needed a lot of odd angle references for Hiccup’s armor, but it turned out good. (Ps: plz don’t praise me on his face, i used borderline tracing to get the angles of his expression right, so I don’t consider it fully done by me. if I had done it by eye, it would have looked so bad haha;;)

ANYWAYS everything else is by hand with references, super happy with how it looks UwU though this will take a long long long time to complete because of all the detail necessary haha;;;;;

Please look forward to the finished project!

PS: if you missed the stream, here’s the whole thing up on Twitch.tv! I’m currently working on making a sped-up version of it for youtube for later!


So frosty-viking made a post about the idea of HTTYD-styled asian dragons, and I decided to try my hands at it.

Meet the Shimmering Skyworm. A member of the Stoker class, even though it’s as vain as a Nadder when it comes to it’s appearance. Even more rarely seen than spoken of, it prefers to live in the eastern parts of the world, among lush bamboo forests and high misty mountains.

It’s six wings allow it to pull off very intricate and flexible aerial manoeuvres, and while it can’t fly super fast, it can fly for very long distances as it can rest a set of it’s wings a pair at a time.

It’s whiskers are 100% prehensile, and when threatened it lights them on fire with it’s viscous flame and uses them as whips. It also uses the fire to illuminate it’s very iridescent scales, making it seem bigger and brighter than it is.

On land it uses four of it’s six limbs to walk, but also uses the middle pair of limbs when crawling up vertical cliffs and mountains, or when climbing through the canopies of the bamboo forests where it hunts.

They come in any color you can think of, and are relatively intelligent. If you make a big deal about how gorgeous it’s scales are, and offer it some sort of trinket, they will usually allow you to approach it and possibly befriend it.

Just don’t pull on it’s whiskers.