The Who Behind the Mic: socalnewwaver

For Chapter 3 of The Who Behind the Mic, we have DJ socalnewwaver, who hosts the show Making New Wave New Again.

Other than the music played on his show, socalnewwaver has over 5,000 CD’s so he listens to just about everything such as blues, classic jazz, old-school, hardcore punk, classical, 80′s alternative, reggae, and more.

When he has some free time on his hands, he absolutely tunes into KUCI. He especially tries to catch Cure for the Blues and Where’s the Chase.

Outside of the studio, socalnewwaver climbs, not hikes and strolls through the park, but actual mountains. He has climbed the local mountains to the Sierra Nevada to the Cascades to Colorado. He has climbed six of California’s 14ers including Mt. Shasta. During the summer of 2016, he climbed Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams in Washington. He has also climbed 14ers in Colorado and pioneered a snow climbing rout in the San Gorgonio Mountains.

Lastly, here’s a fun fact socalnewwaver wanted to share himself – “I’ve lived in Little Saigon for many years, so I’ve become addicted to Vietnamese iced coffee (black please, no milk & no sugar) and I’ve eaten at the same pho restaurant for 30 years.”

Catch socalnewwaver’s show on Mondays 6AM - 8AM!

Tune in next Tuesday to find out the next who behind the mic!

♡, Chihiro

Natalia Lafourcade @ The Observatory

August 3rd, 2016

The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

By Miguel Alejandro Ochoa

It’s a packed house. Full to the brim with young and old alike, and enough couples to repopulate Southern California. Natalia Lafourcade’s particular style of sweet, serenading indie rock and intriguing folk, and attracted a crowd of fans ready to slow-dance the night away. After a grand opening set by The Delirians, Natalia finally comes onto the stage and the crowd welcomes her with amorous cheers. It’s her second time playing at the Observatory in only a few months, and you can tell many of the people there were most likely at her previous show.

Wearing a very simple black jumpsuit and with a band that’s dressed like a cross between Chicano Batman and The Hives, she stuns with her dreamy vocals and melancholic rendition of her hit “Lo Que Construimos”. During the song, she does a riff-like guitar solo while the audience sings for her - they seem to know the chorus as well as she does. The audience is swaying back and forth in a synchronized mannerism with the strokes of her semi-acoustic, and the lights dim to a gloomy, romantic deep blue.

Suddenly, the pace of the music changes, and people are swept off their feet when the first chords of her hit song, “Hasta La Raiz” starts. Her tour goes by the same name, as does the album that inspired it. When I had asked her earlier about why it was called that during our interview, she said that she had been traveling all over the world and during her time abroad, all she wanted to do was go back to her home in Veracruz and curl up with a good book and eat some oranges, She missed her roots - her raices - and was eager to go back, though she acknowledged that playing in venues all over the globe could be fun too.

Some dancier songs came on, such as her song “Vamonos Negrito”, where my +1 became enchanted with the whims of the trumpet player’s high noted solos. In between songs, she told stories and made corny jokes, even dedicating a track to farm animals. She also performed “Mi Lugar Favorito”, and the crowd went wild. Ok, I went wild. It’s my favorite song by her, and I’d been waiting a whole year and a half to hear it. I had even elected it as “The Best Song of 2015” on Radio El Nopal. She took the time during the song’s long outro to thank everyone for coming out and enjoying her music with her once again, and promised to be back in SoCal soon.

I don’t doubt that for many in the audience, that’ll give them a chance to see her for a third time in a row.


Former emo kids, rejoice! If you’re like me and can sometimes be super nostalgic for the days when Pete Wentz was God, black eyeliner was your best friend, and you spent your days belting angsty My Chemical Romance anthems in your bedroom, then I have the event for you.

On the first Tuesday of every month, Emo Night LA brings together hundreds of former (and let’s be real, current) emo/scene/pop punk kids for a night of nostalgia and fervent singing. The event, which has also been called Taking Back Tuesday, has become increasingly popular over the last year and a half. It now encompasses both the upstairs Echo as well as the downstairs Echoplex, and additionally includes an outside stage, food trucks, merch and several bars. Since its launch, Emo Night LA has also hosted several surprise DJ sets from our favorite 2000’s emo heroes such as Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance and Mark Hoppus of Blink 182.

Although I had been to several of Emo Night LA’s smaller events in San Diego and Orange County over the past couple months, nothing could have prepared me for the scale and the passion of a true Taking Back Tuesday. Stepping into the Echoplex, I felt like I had gone back to 2007 and was a middle schooler going to one of my first hardcore shows (except with alcohol!). The first song of the night, Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” launched the crowd into impassioned belting, moshing, and crowd surfing which continued throughout the entire night.

I could honestly go on and on about how happy Emo Night makes me, but it’s really just something you need to experience first hand. So if you’re a killjoy, young blood, or just feel like getting drunk and screaming to Blink 182 on a Tuesday night, I hope to see you there next month.

- Lil Papaya

Entry No. 31 - October 27th, 2015

It’s the Dia de los Muertos Special Episode! 

D.D.L.M. is a time to celebrate lost loved ones and reflect on the people who made you who you are, though they may no longer be with us. And play some musica muerta!!!

Wilbert Pere y Mariachi Tanampa - Que Me Importa Morir - Dia de los Muertos: El Mariachi

Alejandra Ribera - No Me Sigas - La Boca

Miranda! - Fantasmas - Safari

Tien Huicani - La Bruja - Veracruz Son y Huapango

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan - Morir Soñando - Dia de los Muertos (Con Mariachi)

Mariachi Mexico Jalisco - Matalas - Rancheras de Mexico: 50 Hits

DeVotchKa - El Zopilote Mojado - Curse Your Little Heart

Thee Commons - La Muerte del Sol - Collecion de Oro

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Calaveras y Diablitos - Originales: 20 Exitos

Calle 13 - Muerte en Hawaii - Entre los que Quieran

Regina Orozco - La Martiniana - Regina Catrina

Luis Mars and Lila Downs - La Llorona - Frida (OST)

La Santa Cecilia - El Farol - Noche y Citas

Los Plantronics - Dia de los Muertos - La Orchestra Diabolica

Amparo Ochoa - La Calaca - YouTube

Los Folkloristas - Danza de los Viejitos - Michoacan

Los Saicos - Cementerio - Demolicion! The Complete Recordings

Pate de Fua - El Fantasma Enamorado - Bon Apetit

Victimas del Doctor Cerebro - El Esqueleto - Lucha Rock

Los Tigres del Norte - El Avio de la Muerte - Mi Buena Suerte

Lila Downs - Viene la Muerte Echando Rasero - Balas y Chocolate

Porter - M Bosque - Moctezuma

Monseir Perine - La Muerte - Hecho a Mano

Kumbia Queers - Kumbia Zombie - God Save the Queers EP

La Union - Lobo-Hombre en Paris - Mis Siluetas

Mr. Bleat - Magia Negra - Los Lobos

Gaby Moreno - Y Tu Sombra - Illustrated Songs