Ladytron - Playgirl
Broadcast - Come on Lets Go
Aterciopelados - Rompecabezas
The Blow - True Affection
Electrelane - Oh Samba!
Best Coast - The Only Place
Cat Power - Nude As The News
Camera Obscura - I Need All the Friends I Can Get
Blonde Redhead - The One I Love
Tennis - Timothy
Eisley - Marvelous Things
The Knife - Pass This On
Karen O - Beast
Le Tigre - Les and Ray
Mates of State - La'hov
Rilo Kiley - Breakin’ Up
Bratmobile - Eating Toothpaste
Bikini Kill - Capri Pants
Erase Errata - Tongue Tied
Denali - Hold Your Breath
Mocket - Your Ice Cream is Ready/What do Babies Want
Gravy Train - Laughing all the Way to the Bank
Cherry Glazerr - Pizza Monster
Sleater-Kinney - Hey Darling
Miss Kitten - 1982 & The Hacker
Bonde Do Role - Marina Gasolina (Peaches Remix)
Fannypack - Boom Boom
ADULT. - Hand to Phone
CocoRosie - Noah’s Ark
CSS - Musk is my Hot Hot Sex
She and Him - You Really Got a Hold on Me (cover)
Rainer Maria - Artificial Light

RotPG - Floppy Disco 07/31/2015

RotPG – Floppy Disco 07/31/2015

Floppy Disco ——– At the tender age of ten, Floppy Disco started collecting music. He grew up on a healthy diet of KISS and DEVO. Not long after, with the help of a Radio Shack broadcasting radio kit, Floppy Disco hosted his first radio show live from his bedroom to his friends outside listening on a boombox. Fifteen odd years later, Floppy Disco (then as Jiffy Loop) hosted a show in the late 90s…

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Entry No. 14, June 30th, 2015

This week’s theme: Musica para Rockear y para la Revolucion Humana

Golden Zombies - 44 Pound Rat - Spanish Bombs*

Los Huracanes - El Calcetin - Los Nuggetz

Los Peyotes - La Cicatriz - Garaje o Muerto

El Ultimo Ke Zierre - Esperando al Viento - Esperando al Viento

Division Minuscula - Un Beso al Aire Un Tiro Al Pecho - Defecto Perfecto

La Fuga - Heroina - Negociando Gasolina

Marea - El Perro Verde - Revolcon

Los Ginkas - Cabeza de Animal - Ginkana-Rama-Gabba-Rama-Mania

Los Plantronics - Navajo - Shortnin Bread*

Los Claveles - Estacion Sur de Autobuses - Ojos

Ataque de Caspa - Sol - Sol

Los Saicos - Ana - Demolicion!***

Juanita y Los Feos - Sisebuto - Spanish Bombs*

Los Ginkas - Soy Una Bomba - Retumbarama

Sondenadie - Libre! - Sentao y Con Tiempo*

El Tri - Nostalgia - Clasicas Para Rockear

Los Violadores - 1,2 Ultraviolento - Lo Mejor de Los Violadores

Lendakaris Muertos - Oso Panda - Se Habla Español

Viejas Locas - Roca & Giro - Contra La Pared

Juanita y Los Feos - En La Casa de tu Madre - Nueva Numancia*

Attaque 77 - Espadas y Serpientes - El Cielo Puede Esperar

Extremoduro - Entre Interiores - Para Todos Los Publicos

Ratones Paranoicos - Sigue Girando - Girando

Eskorbuto - Mucha Policia, Poca Diversion - Impuesto Revolucionario

La Polla Records - Que Turututu, Ay Que Tururu - …Vamos Entrando…

Lendakaris Muertos - Gora España - Lendakaris Muertos

* denotes new releases

*** denotes the track of the week

RotPG - Dennis Simms 07/24/2015

RotPG – Dennis Simms 07/24/2015

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re over it? Well it happened to me tonight during the show. So, what did I do? For the last 30 minutes of my show I played “Dark Side Of The Boom (Sonic Journey Excursion) – 6Blocc” aka R.A.W…. I cant get enough of his rework of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Don’t forget next week we have Floppy Disco live in studio! This show will be video…

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Playlist 7-30-15

Heyo! Summertimeeeee and the livin’ is easy. Little hint at a song I might play next week ;) New jams from Kadhja Bonet, electronic duo Atlas Bound, a remix of a sweet tune by Lianne La Havas, a dose of riot-pop with LA based band WASI. I also tossed in some funk by Magic City Hippies, acoustic soul tracks by Matthew Santos from his latest album “Into The Further” and more. As you can see, I brought you guys quite a delicious mix of music last week. Enjoy these tasty tunes and I will catch you next week. Same time, same place. And excuse those food references. I’m kinda hungry right now lol

(Arist-Track-Album, *** = new)

Solo Woods—Long Ways—N/A

Willow—Female Energy Freestyle—(Single)

Tyler, The Creator—Find Your Wings—Cherry Bomb

John Givez—Elementary Trill—Soul Rebel***

Thundercat—Them Changes—Beyond/Where The Giants Roam***

Magic City Hippies—BRNT ft. The Emefe Horns—(Single)***

Lianne La Havas—What You Don’t Do (Tom Misch Remix)

Dan Croll—Wanna Know—Sweet Disarray

Flume—Some Minds ft. Andrew Wyatt (Island Riot Rework)*** (FREE Download)

The Internet—Under Control—Ego Death***

Matthew Santos—It All Works Out—Into The Further

Matthew Santos—Ojos—Into The Futher

Atlas Bound—Landed On Mars—(Single)***

J. Han— Shalom ft John Givez—Tower Ivory***

[Interview with Ark Patrol]

Ark Patrol—Let Go ft. Veronika Redd—(Single)

Goldroom—Embrace (Body Language Remix)***

Purity Ring—Lofticries

Tom Misch—Sunshine—(Single)***

Ever So—Not Over You—(Single)***

Nvdes—Before The Weekend Comes—(Single)***

Kadhja Bonet—Remember The Rain—(Single)*** 

Vince Staples—Summertime—Summertime ‘06***

WASI—Adolescents—Bleed Pop EP

Covers—Amber Falls—(Single)*** (FREE Download)

German Radio Broadcast /// 006

US Military bases in GermanyWhen the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the US presence in Germany was a stunning 250,000 soldiers with as many civilian employees and family members.  The soldiers and their families worked and lived in one of 47 major military bases, which were made up by some 800 separate sites.  


  1. Kronenburg Park - Frank Boeijen [THE NETHERLANDS]
  2. 10 german bomber - Egotronic [Berlin]
  3. Bilder mit Katze - Frittenbude [Geisenhausen]
  4. Zirkus - Schlachthofbronx [Munich]
  5. c'est beau la bourgeoisie - discobitch [FRANCE]
  6. Neue Drogen - Prinz Pi [Berlin]
  7. Punk Ist, Was Du Draus Machst - Supershirt [Rostock]
  8. Für immer Punk - Die goldenen Zitronen [Hamburg]
  9. Punk bleibt punk - Kotzreiz [Berlin]
  10. /// Pippi Langstrumpf - WIZO [Sindelfingen] !!!
  11. Scheißfrisur - Die Siffer 
  12. [Request] Neue punk ist borzalom - Irigy Hónaljmirigy (IHM) [HUNGARY]
  13. Ausländer - Die Bösen Mädchen
  14. Symphony No. 1, Op. 80: V. Adagio pui andante - Johannes Brahms - Bruno Walter and Columbia Symphony Orchestra
  15. Do You Speak English - Chris Roberts [Schlager]
  16. Du Kannst Nicht Immer 17 Sein - Chris Roberts [Schlager]
  17. /// Country Music hab ich gern / Drifters Caravan - Red Saxon [Schlager]
  18. /// Danke Schon, Bitte Schon, Wiedersehen - Eddie Schaible [Schlager]
  19. Blue Yodel Für Herbert Wehner - F.S.K. (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle) [Munich]
  20. English Translater - Studio Braun
  21. Polizeihubschrauber - Jacques Palminger & The Kings Of Dub Rock
  22. Graceland - Kettcar [Hamburg]
  23. Gewinner - Clueso [Erfurt]
  24. Cello - Udo Lindenberg feat. Clueso [Gronau / Erfurt]
  25. /// Pretty Face - Sóley [ICELAND]
  26. Do you remember? - Ane Brun [NORWAY]
  27. /// Es ist so, dass du fehlst -Tomte [Hamburg]

/// Serving up the leckerest of Deutsches pop, rock and hits ///

This week’s 
German Birthdays

5/7/1833 - Johannes Brahms, Hamburg Germany, composer

5/9/1927 - Manfred Eigen, German physicist/chemist (Nobel 1967)

5/10/1788 - Catherine Pavlovna of Russia, German queen (d. 1819)

5/11/1720 - Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, German adventurer (d. 1797)

5/11/1966 - Christoph Schneider, German drummer (Rammstein)

5/12/1900 - Helene Weigel, Austria/German actress (Metropolis, Mutter Courage)

5/13/1967 - Melanie Thornton, African American German pop singer, former member of La Bouche. (d. 2001)

5/14/1942 - Rüdiger Vogler, German actor, Tatort

5/14/1961 - Ulrike Folkerts, German actress, Tatort

5/16/1963 - Mercedes Echerer, Austrian actress and politician