I love all the Symmetra love on my dash lately and I have something to give y’all: Symmetra making friends by dancing.

She uses her talents as a dancer for her hardlight construction and it’s one reason why she has such a love for it, because it’s a way for her to indulge in her two special interests at once. Vishkar tolerates it because it makes her a more effective archi-tech and because they can use her to humanise their organisation, like “Look, with Vishkar you’ll love life so much you’ll want to dance in the streets”.

After she leaves Vishkar she starts to do things because she enjoys them, even if they’re not strictly useful and before she knows it she’s connecting with people without ever trying

Like there’s Lúcio who might just have a little crisis trying to combine the view he had of Satya (almost certainly pure evil, heart of boiling tar, kicks puppies) with the woman who’s performing the character of Satyabhama in one of India’s traditional dance plays with a little bit of mischief and seduction, dancing like she knows she’s the smartest, most beautiful and most powerful person in this room and gives everyone the privilege to worship her.

And there’s Fareeha who never really had an interest in dancing but falls in love with it and somewhere Ana’s motherly senses tingle and make her wish Satya could have come into their lives a few years earlier because she wanted to sign Fareeha up for dancing lessons but no, her little girl wanted to spar instead.

And alright, maybe what Jesse calls dancing is just a tad too American (read: unsophisticated) for her tastes,
but Hanzo lets himself be persuaded to show off a few moves he learned as a young boy and though rusty he’s still as close to flawless as he always is.

D.Va can rock the dance floor like nobody’s business, and her dancing is modern and fast paced and nothing like the carefully choreographed routines Satya is used to but she loves it nonetheless, 

Mei hasn’t danced in years but she remembers a few things and has more fun with it than she thought she would because Satya doesn’t think someone can be too chubby to dance, she cares for skill and passion and Mei has both

Hell, even Jack eventually gets in on the craze that seems to have swept over the base and he’s only ever learned the basic ballroom dances but when he and Satya waltz through the kitchen under the fond teasing of the others they become friends without ever exchanging small talk neither is good at.

If you wanted to learn kuchipudi, here’s a video of my kuchipudi professor doing the asamyuta hastas (single hand gestures) in preparation for our exam.

They are: pataka, tripataka, ardha pataka, kartimukha, mayura, ardhachandra, arala, sukatunda, mushti, sikhara, kapittha, katakamukha, suchi, chandrakala, padmakosa, sarpasirsha, mrgasirsha, simhamukha, kangula, alapadma, chatura, bhramara, hamsasya, hamsapaksha, samdamsa, mukula, tamrachuda, trisula.

anonymous asked:

About your dancing Symmetra picture, you'd be absolutely right about her being a Bharatanatyam dancer! A lot of her gestures are heavily influenced and I recognized them immediately. While Blizz hecked up on her goddess skins, they did great with her dancing gestures.

I personally hc her as a Bharathanatyam dancer for a selfish reason- I have learnt it for 9 years and would love Symmetra dancing the same dance :P But it’s also likely that she might be a Kuchipudi dancer since it is quite similar to Bharathanatyam and because Kuchipudi is a dance from Andhra Pradesh which is Satya’s homestate. 

The only legit reason she might be a Bharathanatyam dancer is that she doesn’t move her lips while dancing which is characteristic of Bharathanatyam. In Kuchipudi, the dancer will give lip movements according to the song they are dancing for.

I am glad people like her dance moves. They’re so fluid and graceful *___* <3 (it’s sad that a lot of younger Indians usually mock the classical dances, favouring western ones so I am really glad Satya is a classical dancer)

Her goddess skins are really beautiful, no matter what people may say. Personally I am really happy we have an Indian woman who is born and brought up in the underbelly of one of India’s big cities, who has accomplished so much, despite everything. She also has dark skin which is THE BEST because there is so much stigma in India about skin colour and having a dark-skinned kickass woman is so exhilarating. I have too many emotions about Satya Vaswani ;A; <3 I love her so much ╰(✧∇✧╰)