This is my best friend nancy and below are her text to me about how she feels about herself. I want to prove to her that she’s beautiful and the world thinks so too. I don’t want her feeling like this. She needs to know that she doesn’t need to meet the beauty standards of society because she is perfection in my eyes. I love her so much. Please help me show her how beautiful she really is.

Like && reblog so I can get as many notes as I can, so she knows she’s beautiful just the way she is.



Hi. I am a volunteer worker for Austin pets alive! && I would like to introduce you to the “lonely hearts club” at our downtown facility. These beauties have been with us for far too long && they would love to be apart of you’re family! As you can see, they are mostly pitbulls but they are sweet angels && just like rest of our dogs, they need love && care. They only difference is they’ve been with us for 6 months to a year && this simply can not do.

Please, if you’re in the Austin area, open up your hearts && home to a loving dog. If you’re considering adoption, message me for location details.

Thank you from me && the lonely hearts club.