kubo mitsuo

About YoI and it’s fandom:
First of all, I don’t think YoI deserves the awards it got. Sure, it was an okay anime, but personally, I couldn’t get into it, nor did I enjoy it way too much. It was overhyped, the fandom praised it so much, overanalyzed every single trivial thing and I guess that all in all killed my hype.
It isn’t really revolutional nor it has some superb art style(except the overlydramatic Viktuuri cut-ins), the whole anime revolved over Viktor and Yuuri so the other characters felt like a filler.
About the characterisation; I only liked the Russian Yuri, because he was somewhat realistic. The other characters just weren’t develeoped enough.
About the ‘healthy relationship of Viktor and Yuuri’: It isn’t your typical healthy relationship, it’s the tumblr healthy relationship, I really don’t understand what’s healthy about mutual obssession and dependency?
Also, refering Mitsuo Kubo as a ‘goddess’ ‘revolutionary’ is kinda off. She did nothing 'new’ or ~revolutionary~ to be honest, neither YoI is a ~amazing and great~ sports anime. Personally, HQ was more enjoyable.
I never used to blacklist anything, but I really had to blacklist YoI/Viktuuri/Viktor and Yuuri/ because my whole dash was full with them and they aren’t my sphere of interest.
This is my opinion reffering to the anime awards, Yuri on Ice may be one of the better animes(in the best case), but it sure didn’t deserve some of these awards. I’ll lose prolly a bunch of followers for this but I had to say this, if you don’t like it, just ignore it or something similiar.