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me and some friends played persona 4 mafia

for those of u who dont know: its basically where u get one of the persona characters ((or just a certain group of people, doesnt have to be p4 specifically)) and a role at random which you now “play as.” the villagers need to vote on who they think the mafia is. the person who gets the most votes will end up dead unless protected, while the mafia is gonna have to kill the villagers and uh here are some screenshots i saved

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bobosmith01  asked:

Got any particular people in mind who would have had palaces in past Persona games?

Takahisa Kandori, 

Ginji Sasaki, 

Tatsuya Sudou

Maya “Ms Ideal” Okamura

Shuji Ikutsuki,

Mitsuo Kubo, 

perhaps Taro Namatame

Tohru Adachi (who pretty much had one anyway.)

Those are all people with distorted perceptions of reality that come to my mind if I try to think of some. 

Zodiacs by the Persona Characters:
  • Aries: Yuko Nishiwaki, Yukino Mayuzumi,
  • Taurus: Mitsuru Kirijo, Ryotaro Dojima, Naoto Shirogane, Labrys, President Tanaka, Lisa Silverman, Ginji Sasaki,
  • Gemini: Rise Kujikawa, Taro Namatame, Mitsuo Kubo, Bunkichi, Maki Sonomura, Baofu,
  • Cancer: Ken Amada, Yosuke Hanamura, Isako Toriumi, Maya Amano, Masao Inaba,
  • Leo: Shinjiro Aragaki, Chie Satonaka, Kazushi Miyamoto, Tatsuya Suou, Reiji Kido,
  • Virgo: Akihiko Sanada, Aigis, Mamoru Hayase, Eriko Kirishima,
  • Libra: Nanako Dojima, Yukari Takeba, Andre Laurent Jean Geraux, Maiko Oohashi, Kei Nanjo,
  • Scorpio: Chihiro Fushimi, Eikichi Mishina, Miyabi Hanakouji, Takahisa Kandori,
  • Sagittarius: Yukiko Amagi, Kenji Tomochika, Nozomi Suemitsu, Ulala Serizawa,
  • Capricorn: Kanji Tatsumi, Fuuka Yamagishi, Junpei Iori, Mutatsu, Hidehiko Uesugi,
  • Aquarius: Tohru Adachi, Keisuke Hiraga, Junko Kurosu, Jun Kurosu,
  • Pieces: Akinari Kamiki, Mitsuko, Yuka Ayase,

About YoI and it’s fandom:
First of all, I don’t think YoI deserves the awards it got. Sure, it was an okay anime, but personally, I couldn’t get into it, nor did I enjoy it way too much. It was overhyped, the fandom praised it so much, overanalyzed every single trivial thing and I guess that all in all killed my hype.
It isn’t really revolutional nor it has some superb art style(except the overlydramatic Viktuuri cut-ins), the whole anime revolved over Viktor and Yuuri so the other characters felt like a filler.
About the characterisation; I only liked the Russian Yuri, because he was somewhat realistic. The other characters just weren’t develeoped enough.
About the ‘healthy relationship of Viktor and Yuuri’: It isn’t your typical healthy relationship, it’s the tumblr healthy relationship, I really don’t understand what’s healthy about mutual obssession and dependency?
Also, refering Mitsuo Kubo as a ‘goddess’ ‘revolutionary’ is kinda off. She did nothing 'new’ or ~revolutionary~ to be honest, neither YoI is a ~amazing and great~ sports anime. Personally, HQ was more enjoyable.
I never used to blacklist anything, but I really had to blacklist YoI/Viktuuri/Viktor and Yuuri/ because my whole dash was full with them and they aren’t my sphere of interest.
This is my opinion reffering to the anime awards, Yuri on Ice may be one of the better animes(in the best case), but it sure didn’t deserve some of these awards. I’ll lose prolly a bunch of followers for this but I had to say this, if you don’t like it, just ignore it or something similiar.

The Void Dungeon & Its Callback

In Persona 4, one of the many dungeons you have to explore in the Midnight Channel is the Void Dungeon. The Void Dungeon is created from Mitsuo Kubo, and suffers from the same mindset as the young man; isolated and out of touch with society. The party first encounters Mitsuo when he very unsuccessfully tries to flirt with Yukiko. 

Mitsuo being so alienated from the rest of society ended up playing a lot of games, his dungeon represents this with the obvious throwbacks to the 8-Bit era. The whole dungeon is made up of cubes like the processor bits of the games of old, and has a chip-tune theme instead of the usual quality of music. Among the many obvious throwbacks to that era, Atlus snuck in one reference to the very first Shin Megami Tensei in there too.

It’s interesting comparing this translation (2008) to their actual Shin Megami Tensei i translation (2014). However, it should be noted that the line is essentially just a reference to that early introduction scene with your mother, and not the scene itself, so it isn’t a fair 1:1 comparison. Interesting enough most of the staff behind Persona 4 ended up working on Shin Megami Tensei i, so in a way they already have worked on parts of SMTi even before they worked on it. Callbacks are quite common in MegaTen games, and the team has stated before in an interview that they felt they have been translating SMTi all this time through the years because of the other games. 

Funny how those things turn out. 

The boss battle with Mitsuo also amusingly replicates the old menu in the original game as an attack animation. 

mewmewimakitty  asked:

Your theory that Adachi didn't realize what was going on with the IT until very late in the game, and wanted one of Namatame's kidnappings to end in death so he could frame Namatame for all the killings, makes a ton of sense. But, I can't figure out how that character interpretation would explain him pushing Mitsuo Kubo into the TV. Do you think that was also a control thing?

It was. Sort of. Adachi is still a cop, and he knows how these things roll. He immediately saw that Mitsuo’s copycat murder was done so sloppily, this wouldn’t close the case, it’d only confuse matters further and drag things out, giving the police more time to possibly stumble across evidence that points to Adachi. Especially now that Naoto was involved and would stick to the case like a leech until it was 100% solved. 

So Adachi, being the calm, controlled soul that he is, again, had a panic fit there and tried to get rid of the annoying copycat by adding him to the case’s death tally. That moment, he probably didn’t consider that, “oh yeah, right, I’ve been having that issue with dead bodies not showing up and missing people coming back after a few days.”, so he probably only realized what a dumb move that was after he’d already tossed Mitsuo in. 

(In fact, this was the first time he tossed someone in himself since Saki, so maybe he thought that the issue might be with Namatame’s powers working differently or something, so he probably expected Mitsuo to die if he does it himself. Seeing how Mitsuo didn’t die, Adachi at least figured out that the issue was not with Namatame’s powers from that.)

Again, instead of taking any “sensible” options that would have required him to calm down and actually put effort into what he was doing, he instead let his impulses control him once again and took the *easy* and incredibly stupid way; a move that got Mitsuo tentatively declared the killer even faster and indirectly led to  Naoto getting fed up and joining the IT. 

Good Job, Adachi. Grade A cover-up work there.