Kubist is a tall bookcase with a narrow footprint. It manages to be visually intriguing  thanks to its alternating geometric pattern, yet its logic and form are surprisingly simple. It’s not a bad idea to install it in space completely empty as a sculptural solitaire. It is ideally suited to smaller spaces, where it provides sufficient storage while not taking up much space.

details —

material: solid

finish: oil

height: 1618 mm

width: 360 mm

depth: 360 mm

weight: 00 kg

year: 2012

design: Jan Padrnos

more: http://www.lugi.cz/en/projekty/121 

Kubist – Bilder in abstrakte Kunst umwandeln

Kubist – Bilder in abstrakte Kunst umwandeln

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William Ngan hat vor ein paar Tagen eine hübsche grafische Spielerei namens ‘Kubist‘ veröffentlicht, mit der man Fotos in abstrakte Grafiken umwandeln kann.

I have always wanted to make something with Lee Byron’s fantastic Mesh library, but, like many things that I plan to do, it has taken me a while to actually sit down and do it.

My first experiment is called Kubist, which transforms an…

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