Junior Solos:

1st Ying Lei Pham - JOB STC

2nd Calico Reyes - B-DISCOVERED STC

2nd Alexis De Lucas - YYCDP STC

3rd Sam Cool - ACCENT ON

3rd Britton Johnson - VIVA

4th Samantha DeFabio - EVOLVE

4th Julia Kozlowski - EXTENSIONS

5th Maeve Dewey - PREMIER

5th Madison Lower - YOUNG DANCE

6th Teagan Kubinski - ENCORE

6th Morgan Graham - B-DISCOVERED

7th Avril Beesley - DANCE ARTS CENTER

7th Kendal Cordon - JAMIE’S


7th Makenna Didech - ENCORE

8th Ashlinn DeMonte - ARTISTRY IN MOTION

8th Ava Lengyel - JAMIE’S

8th Ava Dupuie - VIVA

8th Emma Middleton - VIVA

9th Emily Mertes - ENVISION

10th Maci Quam - ABOVE THE BARRE

Junior Duo/Trios:

1st Viva Dance Co - Wash

2nd Artistry In Motion - You’re Enough

3rd Dance Arts Center - Dreams

1. Save You Tonight// Cassandra Kubinski; 2. Winterlove// Parachute; 3. Treacherous // Taylor Swift;  4. Demons // Imagine Dragons; 5. Clarity // Zedd; 6. A Drop in the Ocean // Ron Pope; 7. Skinny Love // Birdy;  8. Iris // Goo Goo Dolls; 9. Can’t Take My Eyes of You // Lady Antebellum; 10. Scientist // Coldplay; 11. Dark Paradise // Lana Del Rey; 12Say Something // A Great Big World

[LISTEN] (x/x)
Save you tonight

you say you’ve lost your faith

there’s nothing more, to live for 

i reach out to touch your face

cause roses bloom among the thorns 

i just met you, and i can’t let you

drown in a heart so sore

you cry, and i 

i wanna save you tonight

touch you

love you

turn your darkness to light 

-cassandra kubinski, save you tonight

i decided to make another one since you guys liked the perfect two one a lot :-)) hope you guys like this too! <3