Misaki eventually got ready for school, wearing her uniform lazily and shoving bread in her mouth. She wasn’t in the mood to eat every morning, which was surprising. Swallowing the small piece of bread, she grabbed her backpack from the floor and slung it on one shoulder. She dragged her feet to the front door, yawning. She opened the door and stepped out, leaving the door for her maids to close. 

She looked around and eventually spotted the vampire, already wearing her school uniform. Her attitude quickly lit up, ‘someone to tease so early in the morning ~’.

With a grin, she ran towards Akira. “Yo ~” She greeted as she reached the other girl, pushing Akira’s shoulder lightly. “So, let’s go?”

kattzu-neko and kubinashiraida have found you

Heikichi stared at both of the new people… he had the feeling that he had seem them before, but maybe he was imagining things. He tried to look as friendly as he could but only a grunt came from his throat as he walked ahead. “…you’re gonna’ stare at me all day or what?” that was rude.

ㄨ kubinashiraida -- [title]

[誇り– Kyoya was feeling something between tired and unnecessarily energetic at the same time. The two contradicted themselves rather well but there was really no other way for the skylark to explain it. If anything, he was more ready to just stand there and continue glaring at the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

His concentration, however, was broken by the sound of nearby footsteps.  Immediately tearing his eyes away from the wall, he arched a brow at the now approaching female. “What is it that you want, herbivore?” Came his low, venom-filled voice. Nothing different there at least.

kubinashiraida replied to your post:    ☪ —-why the hell are the streets so empty…


Heya, kiddo, how’s it goin?

  { ;He looked over at the girl with a slight smile–merely the uplifting of the corner of his mouth. They hadn’t met too long ago, when she’d come to ‘Bukuro lookin’ lost as hell and he’d helped her out, but he hadn’t seen much of her since. } –’s'been awhile. You been adaptin’ well?