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Sweet Crepes

The other night ago I was walking home to my apartment after a long day. It was a boring endless straight along a main street. But in the big cacophony of smells that reside in Seoul, I could scent the sweet aroma of vanilla, it smelled like the waffles of grandma (Yes I’m pretty hungry whilst writing this). There was a little stall next to the street, with a couple lights on, with a couple waiting in front. “Sweet crepes”. The couple got their stuffed crepe and it was my turn to order. The menu was fully in Korean so I pointed to the crepe the girl was holding: “I’ll take one of those too!” In hindsight I get why the couple shared theirs, this thing was packed! After making this perfect delicate french pancake, it got koreanized like I’ve never seen before. First a layer of whipped cream, then two scoops of chocolate ice cream, one piece of cheesecake… The man looked at me: “one more cheesecake from me, for you”. Two pieces it is. Still unfinished, cookie crumbs, nuts, Oreo cookies, more whipped cream, more cookie crumbs! Once folded up this baby was so big I could barely hold it in one hand, yet it cost me less than €5. With a big grin on my face I said thank you in Korean, made a small bow and went along my way. I’ll be honest, I’m a big eater but I did not finish that thing. 

Today I took my friends to the crepes place after I’ve been telling them so many times how great it is. This time I ordered a slightly more appropriate portion size for an after dinner dessert. The same man stood in the stall, he smiled and looked at me: “Ah I remember you!”

“I brought my friends for you!” And showed him my little gang of internationals to feed. After I ordered a crepe for both me and one of my friends, he presented me a customer loyalty card with two hands. Upon it not one stamp, not two stamps, but three, for the two I ordered today and the one I ordered the previous time. Now that people, is customer service. 

I promise you crepe man, next time I’ll bring even more mouths to feed.


ahhhh why am i so in love?!