kuan meun ho

Hello Stranger!

Another Thai movie is added to my favorite lists of Asian Movies.  :-) I didn’t know that Thailand can also make a good Rom-Com flick like Korea does. The story is really cool -Two strangers who know nothing about each other and fall in love. (They didn’t even get to know each other’s names). It’s new for me! Ayy! HAHA! :-)))

Since, the movie was filmed in Korea, I like how they shown the places where various Korean Dramas were filmed. :-D Another thing that I liked about this film is that it’s really FUNNY!! Kataw-anan siya promise!  X-)) Ka cute nila. Bitin nga lang! Hahaha! :-| :-P 

But, overall it was a good movie! Very entertaining! *Thumbs up* ;-)


After watching the two most popular (I guess) Thai Rom-Com flicks (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Hello Stranger), I am now looking forward to watch more Thai films in the future because they have handsome actors. Hahahaha! :-)))

Here’s the Trailer of Hello Stranger: ^^