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Servamp: Mahiru and the Shedding Lion

HEY GUYS! This was a fanfic based off what a few people and I were talking about in the discord chat. Also, @the-floofinator gave me such cute examples that I just had to use them! I really hope you enjoy reading this guys! So, without further ado, please enjoy!

This was the worst week of his life. Ever since Kuro was able to morph into his lion form, the Servamp has been learning how to do it, while keeping the size of an actual lion. So many things of the Eve met their demise. He was going to have a hard time explaining to his uncle how his coffee table broke to pieces. Even after Kuro had finally got the size right, Mahiru faced bigger problems than the broken things. Since it was Spring, Kuro’s animal form had started shedding its Winter coat, and while the Servamp was a lion, the male left gigantic balls and masses of fur. Wherever the lion went, fur followed.

                       “Kuro!” Mahiru yelled, after he slipped on, yet another, mass of lion hair that was on the kitchen floor. He was really sick of having to clean up all the mounds of fur. The brunet was sure that with every piece he collected, he had enough to knit a sweater. Hearing a yawn from the living room, the Eve sighed, and picked up the fur before stomping to find his Servamp. When he found the couch literally taken up by a black lion, he sighed. “Kuro. Can’t you stay in your human form until this stupid shedding stops? It’s literally getting all over the place!”

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