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Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Winter 2017 (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Winter 2017 (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Winter 2017 Anime Awards!

(From the ones I actually watched.)

Best Overall: 3-gatsu no Lion/ March Comes in like a Lion

Into the light.

With consistent quality during the second part despite a shift in focus, perfectly managed tone that never leads to excess sentimentality or overt levity, and a story that ebbs and flows with such grace that it melts metaphor and direct description like an impressionist painting, Chica Umino’s March Comes in Like a Lion remains the top spot for two consecutive seasons for the simple reason that it tells a rich story of individuals and making meaning.

In the first part, it introduces shogi professional, sometimes student, and introvert Rei Kiriyama and the facets of his life, particularly his close ties with the Kawamoto siblings. At the beginning of Part 2, Rei hugs the youngest Kawamoto sibling, Momo, and says that he has personal and professional matters to deal. While he sees the Kawamoto family as comfort and healing, he understands that he can’t come running to them each time. With a major tournament upcoming he stops visiting them and the narrative shifts to the lives of the Shogi players that he plays against. With their own dreams and regrets, he becomes an observer of their lives as he compares it against his own, not to pass judgement on his failings, but to see the possibilities there is to life and to recognize that in the end, there are no bad guys, just people driven by very different motivations and showing how they cope with the consequences of a lifetime of choices.

With another season later in the year and a two-part live action movie currently showing in Japan, the series deserves all the accolades it gets. And if you’re ever in the market for something substantial, with a deep, beating heart, this is your anime.

Best Drama: Youjo Senki, The Saga of Tanya the Evil

What is a god to an non-believer?

Tanya von Degurechaff is the fiercest, deadliest, and most cunning soldier of the Empire (Not-Germany) as they wage the first World War (Until it becomes muddled when they introduce a Panzerkampfwagen IV.). She’s also under thirteen years old and is hated by God, or a god.

Why is that?

The god sees Tanya has such little faith in him and has therefore cursed her: Should she die a death that is not natural, she will be taken off the wheel of reincarnation and sent to hell.

But why a kid? And why so much hatred for an individual?

While these questions are answered to an extent, the most important thing to consider is that these driving forces are what sets up Tanya as she is placed in conflict for most of the war as she struggles to survive. She puts in as many legal means as possible to leave the war, only to have her end up on the front lines anyway, whether by her own fault, or by divine intervention.

As she leaves a trail of bodies, her actions reverberate throughout the war as everyone slowly pushes down into a black hole, no matter who is winning. And as with the nature of war, there are no heroes, only murderers.

Best Comedy: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

“This anime is like every insane D&D story I have ever heard.” -henlp

The second season of Konosuba! continues the adventures of Satou Kazuma as he is pulled from the real world into a fantasy world where RPG game mechanics exist in reality. He’s accompanied by a Goddess who drinks too much and wastes her skill points on party tricks, a Wizard who knows only one spell (and collapses after every use), and a Crusader who can tank, but cannot hit any living thing with her sword (not out of principle, she just can’t hit at all). Also, that Crusader is a masochist.

“Insane and crazy” is the proper descriptor for the way the series is plotted, as comedic plot points are introduced and escalated versions of those plot points are put to use later on. The characters are made aware that they are in the mess they are in because of the solution that resolved a previous conflict made ample fuel for another. “It gets worse” is another descriptor as they are battered by bad luck and only somehow manage to escape as even their most competent moments are displays of excellence borne out of their utter stupidity. It’s a show that’s shameless enough to throw everything at a wall to make you laugh, and most of the time, what they throw in, sticks.

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Bakugou x Reader {Denial}

(A/n: This is my first scenario on here! It’s pretty angsty and sad though!! You have been warned. Enjoy! Also, none of you are weak or annoying, it’s just for the story!! Also, if you are triggered by depression, don’t read, cuz it mentions it)

Bakugou was a man of pride. That was certain. So, the thought that he had fallen for the “weakest” and “most annoying” student in class 1A was automatically dismissed. Some could say he was in denial. That some would be right. Of course, the boy wouldn’t realize it until it was too late. He realizes now, sitting by their hospital bed, that the feelings were there, they were real. He only wished he could realize it sooner. Sooner than a month ago.

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Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Winter 2017 (Not mine, didn’t make this)

Grand Blues 775 Vane’s Flower Viewing

[Vane and Percival are out picking a spot for the crew’s flower viewing.]
Vane: “Pa-san, since we got some free time, let’s play shiritori using the crew members!”
Va: “I’ll start us off… Lyria!” (Ruria)
Percival: “Why you…?! Don’t just start all of a sudden…!”
Pe: “A… Ardora!”(Arudora)

Va: “Ra… ra… Lan-chan!” (Ran-chan)
Va: “…ah!?
Pe: “You can’t end it with ‘n’… so it’s your loss.”
Pe: “If you’d just said Lancelot like normal you would have been fine, you know…” (Ransurotto)

Va: “Weeeell, as soon as you say ‘ra’, I just can’t help but say Lan-chan, you know.”
Pe: It ended too quickly so it didn’t help kill time at all…
Pe: It seems this guy can’t get around “ra” so…

Va: “All right! Then let’s start round 2!”
Va: “Danua!” (Danua)
Pe: “A… Alec!” (Areku)
Va: “Ku…”

Va: “Lan-chan tied up in chains!!” (Kusari ni tsunagareta Ran-chan!!)
Pe: What!? This idiot…
Pe: So it came to this anyway…!!

nevvah  asked:

Ahh omg I love your art and I love your fics! For the art you did of MSA, are the last two pictures (with iz//ku and ka//chan) of future events in the fic? I love all your work and i get super happy when you post anything! Keep up the amazing work!! <3

the second-to-last picture (as captioned) is concept art i did a while ago of a future scene… i don’t know what the form the final version will take but i didn’t want to let that art go to waste haha

the last picture is just vent art

Rough translation of Owari no Seraph Chapter 61 PART 1

Page 1

Page 2
Ky: It’s dange…You’re kidding…

Page 3
Ky: Agh-
Kimizuki: He killed/hurt him!!
Guren: No, too low!! He just have to cut the neck off!! Shinya, back up!!

Page 5
Ky: Yab-
Guren: Yu!!
Yu:: Khh…

Page 6
Ky: Haha, even though I pierced your heart, it’s regenerating! Are you a vampire or what?
[…it seems that this injury isn’t healing]
[But I got familiar with this monster’s movement. It’s strong and fast but it only attacks in a straight line]
[Will I be able to kill him?]
No, I can kill him. I am Ky Luc after all-
Guren: [It’s dangerous, we couldn’t kill him with the first blow. Yu’s time limit is-]

Page 7
Guren: [If we tried to shoot in two directions, the chance of Yu loosing his mind would just- but if we don’t do it the annihilation…]
[Isn’t there any other option than this?]
Crowley: Hey, take this!
Ky: What’s up this time~?

Page 8
Ferid: Haa~ The sky is blue
What a wonderful weather.
Then the battle ends here

Page 9
Ferid: Everything just happened as I predicted, right~?
Ky:  […The renewal of Ferid Bathory] [On top of that a team made of an eerie looking monster] [Humans] [And vampires] [What are these guys’ goal, what is their term of victory?]
[As I imagined? Is this also the plan of Ferid?]

Page 10
Ky: Bragging again?
Ferid: May-be, how you see it, it’s my freedom (?)
For now, come back
Ky: How does the separted body move? So many things I’m curious about
I might be able to kill this monster but I won’t be able to protect/watch over the queen…

Page 11
Ky: Are going to retreat with the queen?
Ferid: Ara? Is Ky Luc going run of after facing those people as enemies?   Ky: Don’t be too confident, if I report what I witnessed, you will be declared  as a traitor
Ferid: But I already suffered through torture
Ky: Next time, your head will be buried deep down in basement and your body incarcerated forever ((not sure if its actually Ferid and Ky talking, also could be only Ky in those two bubbles…))

Page 12
Ferid: That’s scary. But I’m innocent with no crimes committed
It’s true, please believe me
Ky: Next time I’ll destroy your little plan (lit. “Ill play the destroying role”), it will be in-credibly fun
Ferid: Haha, are you really be able to do it
Ky: I can do it Ferid, after all I lived longer than you
Ferid: Ha, how peaceful, no development. You just survived for this long
Ky: …Yes, it’s true

Page 13
Ky: There for, we both embody similar lunacy
Next time, I will be the one to burry your head in the basement.
So then, I’ll go back

Page 14
Yu: Ku…kuuh
Mika: Yu-chan…
Guren: Don’t talk yet, if Ky Luc comes back we’re dead for good

LLSHP Ch6 - Calling

Arc1: [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7]

Arc2: [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10 - Moonstruck (TBD)]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: I have no excuses. I’m sorry this chapter is so delayed (눈_눈) anyone still remember this AU? lolool Maa, I would consider this a rest chapter? At least, the plot is moving =A=;;; Anyway, any feedback is very needed greatly appreciated!
Words: 5,594

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Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Winter 2017 (Not mine, didn’t make this)


I’m sorry I use Shoudeku bc it sounds cuter to me like kacchako ahhh im awful sorry


  • Everyone likes Midoriya. Shouto just likes him the most.
  • It’s one of those things where everyone kinda knows except for Deku. Naturally.
  • He stays the reliable friend all through high school. God is he pining though.
  • They both grow up as you’d expect. Shouto’s tall, broad, not quite as broad as his father, but solid. His hair is a little shorter, no more hiding his face.
  • Deku stays lean. He’s still not very tall, but it works to his advantage when people underestimate how strong he is.
  • They’re roommates for a bit. Not that Shouto really needs someone to split rent with, but he suggested it for Deku’s sake.
  • Not everyone’s got an all-star rich dad like you Shouto.
  • He’s only ever guilty about how underhanded he is sometimes. Like intentionally leaving a shirt or two of his in with Deku’s laundry.
  • Deku never pays attention and always puts them on without realizing they’re not his.
  • (Boyfriend shirt? Boyfriend shirt.)
  • He can’t help but get a little jealous when Deku hangs out with Ochako and Iida. He knows they’re friends, but…
  • It starts when Shouto first slips up and calls him Izuku instead of Midoriya. (As @saigennaku said, he’s always been in his head as Izuku, but never out loud.)
  • Deku’s somewhat conscious of him now with their cohabitation too. He has a habit of falling asleep on the couch, and will wake up with Shouto with him, either sitting at the other end of the couch or just hovering nearby.
  • But he sees the unexpectedly cute sides of Shouto too. Walking around with one sock only on his cold side, the fact that his stubble grows in uneven mixes of red and white. (Not that its ever there long enough, Shouto shaves meticulously.)
  • He comes home one day, and Shouto’s feeding a cat. In their living room.
  • They don’t own a cat.
  • Oh, well now they do. “I found her. She was being bullied,” he says.
  • That’s another discovery – Shouto’s fond of small animals. (gee I wonder why)
  • Deku likes the cat too, its friendly but much more attached to Shouto.
  • He doesn’t realize it has a name until he comes home to hear Shouto calling “Deku? Deku, dinner time-“
  • He’s cute. God Shouto is so cute and sweet and has nice abs – Deku (…person Deku, mind you) is completely enamoured.
  • Shouto’s amazingly affectionate. It’s not loud or obnoxious. It’s gentle, but ever-present. Holding hands in the car, leaning on him on the couch, tangled feet in bed.
  • He also likes to fluster Deku when he’s not expecting it. Coming just that little bit too close to steal a kiss, just enough for Deku’s heart to skip.
  • Deku’s adoring too, but in a different way. It’s a quiet reciprocation usually. Yeah, Shouto may take his hand in public without a word but he doesn’t jump away, not ever.
  • Not to mention he’s gabby the moment someone mentions Shouto. You think he gushes about All Might? See him talk about his boyfriend.
  • Oh yeah, they keep the cat. But instead of just ‘Deku’, it’s usually Ku-chan. Y’know, so nobody gets confused.
  • Deku makes a point of holding Shouto’s right hand rather than the left usually. For Shouto’s comfort mostly, but also cause he gets steamy-hand when he’s nervous or intense about something.
  • Speaking of Shouto’s temperature, he’s the ideal partner when Deku’s sick. They spend 90% of the time cuddling. Fever? Good thing he’s got a cold side. Chills? Mhmm, one 6’1 20-something-year-old hot water bottle at your service.
  • Shouto rarely ever gets sick, but when he does, it’s a disaster. The room is either iced over or burning hot, and beyond that, he’s somehow convinced himself that holding onto Deku will cure him eventually.
  • “How about some medicine instead?”
  • “…I’d rather you just stay here.”
  • dont talk to me about AU’s i’ll cry about howl’s moving castle shoudeku au