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Masterpost on why I love Karl Urban

tbh this is going to be really long so strap urself in and get ready

  • Believes in equal rights, LGBT+ ally
  • Hates Donald Trump as much as we do
  • Includes all skin colors
  • Is a dork and loves his gay space crew
  • has the softest laugh (x)

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  • Mocks interviewers but is still super cute (x)
  • Is an adorable trashcan
  • looks like this when he’s sleeping
  • his smile is the worst
  • looks incredible in a shoulder holster
  • wearing a police vest should be illegal tbh
  • Literally causes me to question my entire life

  • has the best walk ever tbh I want to die

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  • 90′s karl is the worst though

  • always has his hands over his crotch and I’m so here for that tbh
  • is a literal model
  • looks gr9 in suits
  • has the nicest shoulders I want to cry
  • d a d d y (RIP ME)

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  • but is also v soft
  • he walks around looking like this smh

  • I’m literally about to hit the limit for posts so I’ll just leave this here

M’aiku Yokho in a Kimono with a Frost Grenade pattern. Considering Stormblood just dropped and we are seeing Kimonos everywhere I just had to get her drawn in one. Once again Momo-Deary didn’t disappoint in speed or quality!

Artist: @momo-deary


((Permission to repost as your own art and or use these for personal use is prohibited. My art..get your own! ))