If There’s A Way Out



This is the most recent photograph that I’ve taken. It’s one that is very meaningful to me, one that is very heavy. I don’t usually like to explain what my work means in order to let everyone have their own interpretation but I feel as though it is necessary for me to share this.

This photograph is about emotional abandonment; how it feels as though you are trapped and alone, and how your house is not really your home. You feel as though you are constantly being judged, that nothing you do is right, and so you look for a way out.

Hours of processing and editing were put into this picture, but there was also copious amounts of physical work as well. This was actually taken during the day, in which my girlfriend and I built a human-sized birds nest for my model to lay in. There is a picture of its entirety somewhere on my blog, not too far back. I had my gf hold a rope at the end of an extended tripod over the frame while I ran around frantically trying to get the best angle.

All in all, it was sort of a difficult shoot but very well worth it. This is one photo that I am very proud of and also very connected to.


Currently living in the middle of a forest in Kjerringøy, Norway. My great-uncle was extremely kind and is letting me use their storage cabin as my temporary painting studio ! I’ll definitely be posting more pictures as I go out and explore a bit more when I have time off from work, which is also pretty great by the way.

If you want to see more of what I’ve been up to in Norway, follow me on instagram: ktverbakk

so i finished up this 3ft x 4ft self portrait painting yesterday, which is the beginning of my series in which i’m addressing individuals’ experiences in being sexualized due to their race or ethnicity. in my case, it’s more about my racial ambiguity and how problematic and objectifying it is to have been called ‘exotic.’ each painting is going to be based on the individual’s personality and their specific experiences.

i’ll be posting a better photo of it later but for now, this is it until i get in the studio to document my work.

also, i got my pvris beanie in the mail the other day and i’ve been wearing it way too much as shown here

Checked out an exhibition space for the first time and showed the first two paintings of the series I’m working on.

On the left:
Oil and acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches

On the right:
Not Just A Body, 2014
Oil on canvas
60 x 72 inches

The info card in the middle reads:
These two portrait paintings are the beginning of a series about individuals and their specific experiences with being sexualized because of their race, ethnicity, or culture. Each piece is considered a collaboration between artist and subject, allowing their experiences to be brought to light through the work and their own presence within the piece.

My critique was really good and confirmed that the work I’m making is important and that my ideas are getting across to viewers. Now that I’m finished with all of my finals, I’ll be going back home to Houston for the winter break but I’m really looking forward to making more of these paintings once I get back to Minneapolis !