Currently living in the middle of a forest in Kjerringøy, Norway. My great-uncle was extremely kind and is letting me use their storage cabin as my temporary painting studio ! I’ll definitely be posting more pictures as I go out and explore a bit more when I have time off from work, which is also pretty great by the way.

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just finished my three days off from work and a lot has happened, SO

my grandmother let me go through my grandfather’s painting supplies to see if i could use any of it [which was extremely nice and i’m really happy that i get to keep some part of him with me when i go back home], i went fishing & hiking, downloaded a bunch of movies to watch for the rest of my summer staying in shitty-wifi-land, and got interviewed by the local newspaper ! apparently they thought it was very interesting that i’m working in such a small town in northern Norway all the way from Texas, and that I also have roots here. so that was a cool surprise. also had a small photoshoot with them, and the article is supposed to come out monday ! so i’ll definitely be posting that here with a translation.

good things are happening here in kjerringøy, norway