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BRUNO BREAKS BAD NEWS: Everytime we hear Bruno Mars it makes us FEEL GOOD. So what is it like when Bruno Mars Breaks Bad News?!?

I was feeling nostalgic so I listened back to some old interviews that Bruno did.

He visited Cubby & Cindy at KTU for the first time in October 2010 and this October, he went back for another visit. Listen to the 2010 audio, see how far he’s come and just feel proud.

  • 2010: Promotion of Doo-Wops & Hooligans (the day before release) 
  • 2012: Promotion of Unorthodox Jukebox
  • 2010: First single off his debut album is released
  • 2012: First single off his second album is released
  • 2010: Preparing for performance as musical guest on SNL - his first time appearing on TV by himself
  • 2012: Preparing for performance as host and musical guest on SNL
  • 2010: Dreams of collaborating with Alicia Keys
  • 2012: Wrote a song with Alicia Keys for her new album

And some funny ones ;)

  • 2010: Talks about ‘quitting’ smoking (because JTWYA got to number 1 and that was the deal).
  • 2012: Shows off that he’s a smoker at every opportunity (i.e. Locked Out Of Heaven and in basically every sketch on SNL) :’)
  • 2010: Writes songs in “the key of why did I write this song”
  • 2012: Still writes songs in the highest of keys