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beautiful painting by @ktsmail inspiring me today on this rainy melbourne morning… but it’s time to open ourselves up and let our creative beings out. paint write draw style photograph collect collage cook make; do anything that makes you feel wonderful today, inspire yourself with your own talents & creations. let it take over you and just be 💜 #create #inspire #morning #painting #rainbow #justbe #timeforme #hope

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Painting Imperfect Flowers Perfectly with KT Smail

This story is part of our new series #FashionIllustrated, stories of artists from around the world who are using their imaginations to bring style to life. To see more of KT’s work, follow @ktsmail on Instagram.

“Flowers are never perfect,” says KT Smail (@ktsmail), whose fashion illustrations often feature vivid blooms. “The key to a great floral is not making it too perfect or symmetrical.” Whether KT’s florals fill a whole page or appear as a backdrop for prints on a @gucci or @erdemlondon gown, her advice is the same: “Always start with colors that are complementary, or at least colors that clash in a good way.” KT, who lives in Brooklyn, admits that sharing work in progress can be scary. “I think that remaining vulnerable and open is important for an artist — and a human — so I force myself.”

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Photography / @AmandaMPratt @KateRyanInc
Art Director /@ktsmail @KateRyanInc
Fashion / #ShellyYoung
Model / @Elizty @Wilhelminamodels
Hair / @JohnRuidant @SeeManagement
Make Up / @ViktorijaBowers @RayBrownPro

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