Stars could wait. He was focused on her.

Alright y’all. For those of you who have no inkling of what this piece is supposed to be or even REPRESENT, mun felt emotional at a Time Party Rp this weekend and felt emotional.

MK arrives at the Time Party on Friday Evening four hours late, because his mun was lame and took a four hour nap. Go figure. He shows up in the garden first, where a Muffet and Tea!StarChild have finished their dance. Feeling left out, Kid asks a fallen captain @askafallencaptain to dance, and…is utterly rejected. And crushed. TO COMPENSATE, MK TURNS INTO THE FLIRT MASTER OF FLIRT MASTERS AND STARTS USING PICK UP LINES (however horrible they may be) TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN!

The person who would listen happened to be FlowerFell Frisk, or Friskell, who accepted his offer to dance. They started out with It’s Raining Somewhere Else, where…MK started to feel weird towards this girl (Frisk was gendered oh no |:|) and…he felt something that he’d never felt before? It was WEIRD??? As a drunken Chara (@rune0n) stumbled into the room with their own MK and changed the song to Megalovania, the pace began to quicken, and…it was a fun night.

They ended up in the garden, on a bench together, reflecting on the stars. MK doesn’t get many stars at home, so Time Parties were ALWAYS special events. But this Time Party…well.

Stars could wait.


  • Kalinka
  • kansanturvamusiikkikomissio
  • Yalta Hi Life

The first time I heard spoken Finnish was from this band, Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio and at the time I thought all Finnish sounded like indecipherable nonsense. Although Finns do sound like they’re just making up ugly sounding words when they talk this band’s vocalist particularly sounds like he’s just saying gibberish really fast. 

Jeesus oli venäläinen kantoraketti
  • Jeesus oli venäläinen kantoraketti
  • KTMK

heyp, i got you the original version, which i have in my phone.
Ladies and gentlemen and others; Kansanturvamusiikkikomiossio - Jeesus oli venäläinen kantoraketti.
this is the best song ever heheheeh


Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio - Pääni

also whens kanayou gonna become canon 👀👀just sayin 👀👀👀sip that fuckin tea babes……..😩