ktm x bow

KTM is building a new racing X-Bow

First official render of new collaboration between Reiter and makers of TG fave, the X-Bow.

KTM, purveyor of the rather wonderful X-Bow, has announced that it is to partner with ReiterEngineering in the building and construction of a brand new racing car.

Good News indeed, though we can only illustrate such news with the image posted above. Because it’s only a render at this stage, details are a little scant.

KTM tells us the new racecar will be a “completely new X-Bow for use in motorsport,” to be championed for international customers across Europe, the USA and Asia.

The Austrian company will partner with Reiter Engineering - responsible don’t forget, for the Gallardo GT3, Murcielago GT1 and the Camaro GT3 racers - to build a “revolutionary new vehicle concept into international customer motorsport”. [x]