kting voar

Kting Voar (jungle-sheep) Khting Vor
Ling Dong (mountain goat) Linh Du'o'ong
Snake eating cow

A cryptid found in Cambodia and Vietnam. With the only description for this creature are the twisting horns that grow to around 20 inches in length and spotted fur. There is no evidence of its existence except for the alleged purchase of one of its horns.

Kting Voar or Khting vor, linh duong, or snake-eating cow is a bovine-like cryptid reported to have once existed in Cambodia and Vietnam. It is said to look like a cow with strange looking 20 inch long horns and spotted patterns on its fur. The first evidence of this creature’s existence was reported by Wolfgang Peter in a marketplace in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in 1994 when he found a set of horns so strange in appearance that he believed them to be from a brand new species. Upon DNA analysis, it was proven that all horns found were nothing more than artificially shaped cattle horns. However, genetic studies on alleged samples of the Kting Voar have turned up confusing results; it also showed that the initial testing of the horns may have been contaminated. It’s believed that the horns are artificially shaped to be anti-snake talismans used by locals. Much earlier in the 20th century, two British tiger hunters reportedly shot and killed two Kting Voar and used them as tiger bait. Scientists hold the belief that the Kting Voar is nothing more than a myth, with roots in reality. If the animal were to exist, it would be highly endangered, if not extinct thanks to extensive deforestation and hunting. Until more evidence comes up, the Kting Voar remains a questionable creature at best.

Image credit to club member Kaylee.

The Kting Voar is also known as the Snake-eating Cow and is said to reside in Cambodia and Vietnam. This bovine is said to have large twisted horns and sometimes spotted fur and as the name suggests is said to devour snakes. There are no doubt fake skulls and horns in circulation to purchase but as of now, the Kting Voar has not been named an official animal and it remains with a cryptid title.

Cryptid: Kting Voar

The Kting Voar, also known as the Khting Vor, Linh dương, or Snake-eating Cow (Pseudonovibos spiralis)

The Kting Voar is normally described as a cow-like animal with peculiar twisting horns about 45 centimetres (20 inches) long and spotted fur. It often has some sort of connection with snakes, varying between stories

Sometimes you have a rather stressful day at work and just…really want to draw a cute monster cow eating a snake.