Guys, next episode Emma’s magic goes out of control. She’s obviously going to be afraid that people will be afraid of her, that they wont be able to trust her. Thus why she goes to Gold for help, and then getting rid of her magic seems to be a good idea. But Killian tries to stop her. What if he tries to stop her by telling her everything he loves about her, including her magic, to get her to see that getting rid of it isn’t a problem. If the man who despises magic, tells her how much he loves her, magic included, wouldn’t that say something to Emma. What if she isn’t persuaded by any of it until he shows her that he means it, he proves just how much magic is a part of her, and how it needs to continue to be a part of her? What if thats how Emma starts to believe she may just be in love with her dorky pirate boyfriend?

And He Will Make The Face of Heaven So Fine

This is what Legolas knows.

The bards and the storytellers will say that he loved Tauriel and that there was heartbreak when she did not return his love, that her regard and her affections were given to the youngest Prince of the Line of Durin.

There are many different kinds of love. The storytellers forget that. It is easier to weave a tale of romantic love and loss. Easier than the truth.

And the truth will never be told in any tale. Not even in the Hobbit’s Red Book.

Legolas loved her and it was a true love, though there was nothing there of desire or passion. He cherished her and that affection was returned in full measure, though proud Thranduil thought, as the Storytellers did, that passion would follow.

It never did.

He’d tried his best, as she was dear to his heart, to counsel her against loving mortals. The Dwarves, for all the long years of their lives - longer than most Men or Hobbits - were still meant to return to stone in the end. Still meant to die.

For all that Elves sighed and sung over Luthien the Fair - still she suffered loss and unimaginable pain. Legolas could not wish that upon her.

So, like a fool, he had lost his courage at last. He’d left the battlefields where the Five Armies had clashed without seeing Tauriel, without offering her comfort when that young Prince of Durin’s House perished.

When Legolas finally returns to the Greenwood, it is his father who tells him that Tauriel sought the Havens. It is his father who tells him of Tauriel’s words of farewell.

“I shall build myself a ship and I shall sail for the uttermost West and I will carry his memory with me and I will remember that it was real.”

And in that moment, Legolas began to understand how much of a fool he had been.

But the fullness of that knowledge, of all his regret and all his grief did not fully flower until he realized that his heart had turned to Gimli, son of Gloin. Not until he heard the cry of the gull upon the shore. Not until he’d looked once more upon his dear face and thought not of death, but of living. Every day that Gimli walked and laughed and stomped and wove poetry of flowering stone and blustered…. every day that Gimli lived was a gift.

Every day that they had was real.

So when at last Aragorn lay at rest and the crown was taken up by his son. When the last of the Hobbits were at peace and Sam had taken his own ship over the Sea, last of the Ringbearers. When only he and Gimli were all that was left of the Fellowship. When he knew he could now listen to the sea-longing and Gimli’s hair and beard were snowy-white though strength was still in him.

Legolas knows that there is only one thing to be done.

He builds a ship.

He knows that he will sail for the Uttermost West.

He will not carry a memory, for Gimli, by the grace of the Valar and of the Lady of the Wood, will sail with him.

While they journey over the waters, he will tell Gimli, at long last, the tale of Tauriel and Gimli’s young kinsman, the tale that was never, ever, truly told.

And he hopes to see Tauriel again.

And in the Second Song, he hopes that Iluvatar will have mercy and reunite her with her own Dwarf.

It was real, Gimli, he will tell him. It was real.

- end -

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