window theme!! 

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autoplay warning in 3rd preview! its also pretty straining to look at

code )

  • 250 / 300 / 400 post size
  • posts on left, right or center
  • you can open the sidebar to reveal another image! so cool
  • theres a quote thing that appears on text and quote posts, you can turn it on or off
  • 3 sidebar styles ( EDIT: i apologize i forgot to add this but the second sidebar doesnt include the description )
  • optional small update tab 
  • optional custom cursor
  • faded images option
  • infinite scroll / pagination
  • and more ;;

wahoo! so i made a theme based on this base code the codes been removed

its my first so it’s not that good and full of amateur coding and probably has 300 problems so i apologize o<-<

static previews: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] code [  ]

some features:

  • 250 / 300 / 400 px posts
  • dark / light theme colors
  • 6 custom links
  • a picture in the corner
  • tiled / cover background
  • change font family and size
  • post and sidebar opacity 
  • you can move the sidebar too
  • some colors like borders and text
  • customize the 4 buttons! (the default is the one in the live prv)
  • round edges / not
  • show tags / not
  • dropdown menu / not

THEME 09: ’Two sides of the same coin’ 

whew i finally get to release this one… i managed to get a bunch of other stuff done before finishing it up so its practically a senior right now.. welcome to the world

PREVIEWS: 1 (autoplay!) / 2 | CODE

NOTE: because of scrollbar restrictions, this theme doesn’t work well in firefox!


  • 300px / 400px / 500px post sizes
  • full height sidebar on left or right
  • gradient / tiled / stretched / max background
  • upload 1 side image with position options
  • custom opacity for sidebar and posts
  • optional post and sidebar borders
  • optional small music player (use billy player to generate the code)
  • flippy sidebar image
  • slidy audio post

extensive list of options below!

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tanuki theme!!

in commemoration of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun. don’t forget

EDIT: the sidebar links have been fixed, working in chrome / ie / firefox 

static previews: 「1」 (updated) 「2」 「3」 (updated) / CODE


  • 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500 px posts 
  • choice of gradient / tile / cover or just plain color background
  • custom sidebar width
  • side picture on left or right
  • 3 post and sidebar border styles / or none
  • 3 round corner options / or none
  • post shadow on / off 
  • custom scroll bar on / off
  • pagination or endless scrolling
  • show / hide captions and tags
  • 10 font styles
  • i really like the audio player tbh isn’t it cute
  • also the permalinks are nice!nice 

let me know if there are any problems!


leaf theme

another theme… nice 

[ codepreview 1 / preview 2 / + my blog right now not anymore

  • 250 / 400 px posts
  • sidebar img size
  • corner picture
  • cute links
  • double or single borders
  • optional search bar
  • show or hide captions
  • max or tiled bg
  • the theme doesn’t show tags

if there are any problems let me know i’ll try to fix it!

EDIT: also i forgot to mention there is also text selection color and a custom scrollbar! 

pluss i fixed a few things that messed up in i e


url redirect and blogroll???

redirect preview | code

blogroll preview | code

yeah haha so i was just trying some things out and did this

its super simple and nothing special or original and i customized it to my liking so feel free to change anything you want, move / remove the credit etc.

i added some notes but there arent that many so if you have any questions about customization hmu! my knowledge is limited but i will try my best to help you

for blogroll theme go to customization > +add a page > choose “custom layout” and paste the entire code

thats about it… thank you!!!


THEME 08 RLR (Rachel’s Last Reward)

This one’s for my friend rachel’s okada-kun birthday! happy birthday lmao

PREVIEWS: 1 (autoplay) / 2 / 3 (autoplay) / CODE

(image credits: sugawarakanochiyo)

  • 500px / 400px / 300px / 250px posts
  • gradient border colors!
  • 4 border widths or no borders for both sidebar and posts
  • optional music player
  • 2 sidebar image styles
  • sidebar with position options (top bottom left right)
  • upload 2 side images with position options (top bottom left right)
  • pagination / infinite scroll
  • more specific options under the cut!

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// THEME 07: Shadow

Static previews: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

new themee!!!

i tried to do something different …look at this cool unique new style… a sticky header and cool effects… incredible. also i decided to embed flash music player and give it a twist haha. you dont need the music player code, you can put the hotlinks directly into the theme options. 

it looks best viewed in chrome, and should be working in most browsers

check any of the previews for features + code!

Extras #2: Filter Links Page

trashkawaa requested a contained book/fic rec page a while back… and im so sorry I just got to it -________-

I’ve never used a rec page so I’m completely unsure if this is anything like what you had in mind, let me know if there’s anything i can change/add! if i’m totally off base accept my apologies … i’ll make sure to get it right next time

  • contained theme. they asked for one that’s similar to my blogroll theme but i ended up making it pretty different …
  • the filter lets you sort by category so you can use it for whatever, as a tags page, friends page etc.
  • default size is 500px width with 2 columns, notes are in the code to change width, height and column count.
  • there are 5 filters by default, i’ve included a mini(ish?) tutorial in the code to add filters and links but if you have trouble or if you’re unclear about what to do (my instructions are pretty bad lmao) drop me a message and I’ll try to help!


TO INSTALL: Select “Custom Layout” when creating a new page and paste the code