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ways to improve the mall episode: instead of randomly eating all the food offered to him, hunk sees vrepit sal getting yelled at by customers for making shitty food and decides to help out in order to make a quick buck. the rest of the episode follows, except hunk is NOT literally chained into a kitchen and becomes gordon ramsey by choice. we see him having fun while cooking!! by CHOICE. also vrepit sal pays him a lot and cries about how good he is.

hunk takes the $$$ he made and he, lance, and pidge buy out the entire store of earth memorabilia


your favorite flower princess back at it again


“Kim Taeyeon.”

She never thought she would be in such a panic to hear her own name called, but there it was and she had run out of time.  She wasn’t the first nor the last trainee that would be called up in front of the KT coaches and Katie Lee that day, but as it would be the hand that fated handed to her, she very well might have been one of the most memorable.  

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taylorswift if you see this I would love it if you could follow a lot of my amazing friends, they didn’t ask me to do this I just really want them to get noticed by you💖

Kaz- ap0laroidofus, such an amazing friend/ big sister to me and we have been friends for almost a year! I love her A LOT and she deserves a follow from you taylor, and I really want her to meet you this year 💜

Jenny- hauntedswifft, although we have only met once (for around two minutes😂) and have one, not so great picture, Jenny is one of my favourite girlies and deserves a follow T-Swizzle because I want her to get noticed by you SO badly. 2015 is going to be her year.

Sinead sineadmurray, you are so sweet and kind of like a big sister to me, we Dm each other on Twitter quite a lot and you are very sweet and such a lovely and sweet girl. Taylor, please follow Sinead (remember her from outside Radio 1?!)

Yasmin sugarswifft my sassy fishface pal (she gets it) She is very much bae and we have so many funny and fabulous memories. I really want her to get a follow from you, and maybe you remember her from Club Red February 4th?!

Kt(Katie) and Chloe👯- queenswifttx my favourite twins like ever. We have a lot of memories from summer and amazing swiftie meet ups and I’m proud to say that I can now tell them apart (😂👌) Taylor, you must remember these amazing girlies from Instagram?! And they deserve a follow so very much, and I want them to meet you this year. Please make it happen 💜

Beth- fearlessflawlessswift this chica is amazing. Absolutely amazing girl. We skyped one time (we need to do it again BETH) and it was amazing and we just so happened to be wearing the same Taylor top😏, and we are meeting this year!!!!! I love her a lot💖

Jessye- kaleidoscopeofenchantingthings I love her so much and I pray that at some point in this year we finally meet, take amazing selfies and dance our heart outs to a lot of amazing music (because we have such good and similar taste). Please Taylor, follow her. You called her cute remember?!

Eva unswiftable13 Basically the cutest person I know. I’m very excited for us to meet on June 24th at the Manchester 1989 show, and take A LOT OF PHOTOS! And Polaroids, and just generally have an amazing time. Eva, ilysm. Taylor, please follow Eva she is amazing.

Okay- I can’t think of anybody else who I should include in this but if I’ve forgotten somebody I am VERY SORRY. Also, if you’re tagged please reblog it because Taylor has more chance of seeing it then🙊. I love you all and I hope that this works because you deserve a follow and to meet Taylor if you haven’t already. 💜-Hannah x

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