kt needs to shut up

what i hate the most actually is when people say “ur too sensitive” or “why are u getting so butthurt?? its a joke” like as if im not allowed to be upset over something or wow news flash maybe you said something that was offensive??? like??? why do these ppl think that everything they do can be justified by calling people weak and saying everythings a joke

I’m Moving!!

Hubs was offered a new fancy job this morning at the headquarters for the company he works for! He’s gonna be one of those guys who flies on jets every day and tells people what to do across the country. (He started at the very bottom rung of the ladder with 2 other jobs 8 years ago, no college degree, worked up the company on hard work and sweat, and recently people in HQ were practically fighting over him!) I’m so proud of him. I always told him, “I bet you will help run that company some day,” and I think he just might.

We are going to try to buy our first house, and and and, he starts the first week of june! Like… holy hell! 

I’m so excited and also want to vomit all over the place. I have so much to do… SO MUCH TO DO!