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Requested for BTS’s Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook and EXO’s Baekhyun: when you ask them out semi-awkwardly.

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YD : “It wasn’t your fault that she left. She just left early. But I just needed to hate you for it. I just had to.”

KT : “I know.”

In the end, Young Do having a sigh of relief for finally being able to convey it to Tan (and most importantly to himself) is just awesome. <3

[The Intricate Art of Feeling || Part I]

Pairings: Taehyung x You ; Jungkook x You

Genre: Vampire AU (not your average vampire tho ;-) )

Rating: PG-13

Words: 2.4k

Taehyung likes to play God more often than he should. He’s been alive for five centuries, give or take a few decades, and he likes to believe that he is the sole reason that history took the course that it did. He laughs at the face of humanity, because yes they’ve identified him as a vampire, but an entirely wrong species of vampire. He wasn’t like those filthy lowlifes that feasted on the blood of humans (or animals if they were vegetarian). No, Taehyung was a better, more evolved breed of vampire. Humans have yet to properly identify him, so he just calls himself an empathetic vampire. Taehyung feeds on the raw emotions that emanates from humans. He gets high on happiness and drunk on aggression, and he’s very well capable of manipulating others to give off the emotional energy he desires. Some of his proudest moments include the start of wars; the anguish and hatred radiating from the years worth of fighting satisfying his neverending hunger.

Now, Taehyung wouldn’t say he has an addiction; he hardly feeds and when he does it’s only for a moment or two, nor has he found anyone who’s emotions are strong enough to pull him in, let alone becoming a possible mate for the boy. Taehyung admits that he gets lonely at times, and he’s had his fair share of sleeping around over the centuries, but everyone was the same. Emotions blissful at first, but dull a moment later. He starts thinking that perhaps he’s meant to live his life in solitude. After all why would a manipulative monster like him be given a chance at his own happiness? It’s years later though, in a park in Seoul that he runs into you, and decides that perhaps he can get addicted, and that maybe, just maybe, you’re the one he’s been waiting for all these years.

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Waking Up | Xiumin scenario

You tiptoed into Minseok’s room, smiling to yourself. He didn’t know you were in South Korea, as he wasn’t expecting you yet for another week. A little bit gleeful, you carefully sat on the edge of his bed. His eyes were still closed in sleep, his lips slightly parted. You felt a little bad waking him, but you knew he would be upset if you didn’t.
You ran your fingers through his hair, softly calling, “Baby~ Hey cutie, it’s time to get up.”
He stirred, and you kept smoothing back his blond hair. His pretty brown eyes flickered open, sleepily focusing on me. He sat up, rubbing his eye. You continued to stroke his hair, and he leaned into your touch.
“You’re early,” He mumbled. “I haven’t cleaned, the place is a wreck.”
“Minnie, your room is spotless.” You teased.
He yawned. “No, the rest of the dorm is messy.”
“You think I care? I came to see you, not the dorm.” You hugged him.
He hugged you back. “I missed you.”
You giggled. “I missed you too.”
He pulled away long enough to kiss you, then rested his head on your shoulder.
“Got big plans today?” You asked.
“If staying with you in bed all day counts, then yes.”
“I’m surprised. Didn’t I mess up your neatly ordered day?”
“No, my manager gave me the day off. I was going to sleep in and be lazy today.” Minseok yawned again.
You hummed in acknowledgment.
“Cuddle with me, I missed you.” He pulled you down onto the bed.
You wiggled up against him, enjoying his sleepy warmth. You were starting to feel drowsy when he kissed your cheek and mumbled, “I love you.”
You turned your head, your lips meeting his lazily. “Love you too, Minseok-ah.”


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Yixing is the only member actively promoting in China, Japan AND Korea simultaneously working his lil badass bunny butt for his members and SM. Just think about the tremendous responsibility, pressure and stress he’s under to do the things he loves for himself and for his team.
/Think/ about it.