kt chirps

reasons you should read wariror cats : 

  1. it has cats
  2. there is shipping
  3. they live in little clans. jsut imagine a bi g group of badass adorable kitties in the forest. 
  4. they are fucking badass they fucking kill each other in giant fucking battles
  5. theyre adorable
  6. FORBIDDEN L OV E !!!!!!!!
  7. they keep it real there is sex
  8. cat sex
  9. it has cats
  10. cats
  11. i dont really get it why wouldnt anyone want to read a series about cats seriously. Wtf

im so confused and upset. the other day i was taking a walk down by the lake to meet my bro bc we havent talked in a while since he lives kinda far away and i ran into! this guy that i met a while ago. he seemed like a douchebag and he was kinda an idiot, but he was. his foot was like, stuck. in a foxtrap or smth idk so i started trying to beat him up since no one would suspect it right he was in a foxtrap anyway AND MY BRO, i saw him ,m y Aniki, he. literally pinned me down and sliced open my neck. my brother. brambleclaw

my mom was like “im not comfortable with you talking about hannibal, i dont watch those murder shows and i dont want to hear about them. im fine with you talking about warrior cats, but i dont want to hear about supernatural or sherlock or hannibal okay” and i said “do you even know how tigerstar died he was the biggest villain in the first series and he ordered scourge to attack his enemies and scourge literally just was like ‘no’ and he fucking ripped tigerstar’s stomach open and tiGERSTAR LOST ALL OF HIS 9 FUKING LIVES RIGHT THEN beCauSE HE FUCKING BLED OUT” and then she just said “nevermind”