((I was definitely serious yesterday when I said I felt like drawing some KS/TX :P a.k.a. “What happens in Dodge…" 

I wrote a stupid little OOC drunky dialogue:

TX: Laura, this is a bad idea. I really ain’t the kind of fellow you oughtta be gettin’ into trouble with. I’m nothin’ but trouble, y'know. You’re much too young; you ain’t yet seen all the tricks life can throw at ya. The world ain’t beat ya down like it’s beat me. 

KS: Señor Gonzalez, quit talkin’ like I ain’t ever seen troubles. My life’s been one trouble after another. I’ve seen things you couldn’t even imagine. Terrible things. I’ve shot men– grown men. Seen ‘em die. Had their blood on my hands. 

TX: Don’t go deceivin’ me, now, with all this talk. You’re still young. You still got hope, you got it shinin’ though you. That’s something I doubt I have half the time anymore… 

KS: Cheer up, y'old cowboy! That’s what I’m here for… ))

Nearly 300 people attended our screening of Revenge of the Electric Car. We used the film as a springboard to have a conversation about viable alternative fuel options for San Antonio, from plug-in electric to compressed natural gas and everything in between.

Are you thinking about reducing your dependance on gas? Here’s a list of resources on available alternative fuel options:

Plug-in Electric and Electric Hybrid Vehicles

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles and CNG Conversion

Other Technologies