Seriously these delusional lunatics need to stop with all the bloodly crap & conspiracy theories,😡 she not fucking at Coachella no matter what you try to say to make your little sad life’s feel better! Ggrrrr it’s not Kpew in disguise with a blonde wig, she not hiding in the toilets when the Papz are around so they don’t get her photo, Rob is there with People he calls friends, he enjoying himself on some down time he has before he starts promotion for The Rover & MTTS , he hasn’t been Papz since he been there, it been a couple of fan photos of him having fun with his friends, no Kpew insight! No matter what they try to say, it been 11 months of no sighting of them together, there not trying to hide a relationship, there not sharing clothes, Sun glasses or whatever, there not married in secret, also there no TGC on the way, 😠 she is not pregnant, 😡 THEY ARE OVER, Rob is moving on with his life & career, so is she by the looks of it, 😋 so get up from you laptops, iPads or whatever you used go out, get some fresh air, fine a bloodly hobbie, get a life, 😉 just please stop with the crap that there still together, it not some fantasy fairytale where everything is perfect,

Sorry drops the mic, that’s my rant over for now, 😊