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26.03.17: happy birthday to exo’s resident mochi, xiumin!  (=^ ◡ ^=)

Stanning Kim Namjoon can be bittersweet. He gets a lot of hate and people are unwilling to forgive him or give him a chance to redeem himself. Even though he’s the leader, the member who can speak fluent English, addresses international fans at every opportunity and helps write songs for Bangtan (and now Homme), some still mock his accent (when he taught himself English), still disregard him, and he has very few active fansites.

He’s an intelligent guy, thoughtful (late night musings on the fancafe) and a complete dork. My references? His excitement catching that damn crab, befriending a frog and a dragonfly, his immeasurable love for Ryan and forever being rejected by his dog (which he named Rapmon, bless his pure heart).

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Teen Top 6th Anniversary - ✨Congratulations✨

July 10 2010 and counting!!!!!


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All times in KST.

-03/27: [RECORDING] arirangTV Simply K-Pop

-03/28: [LIVE] SBS MTV The Show @8:00PM

-03/29: [LIVE] MBC MUSIC Show Champion @7:00PM

-03/30: VICTON 2nd MINI Album [READY] Fansign_Hanam @7:00PM

-03/31: [SHOW] arirangTV Simply K-Pop
            VICTON 2nd MINI Album [READY] Fansign_COEX @8:00PM 

-04/01: [RADIO] SBS PowerFM Lee GukJoo’s YoungStreet (Seungsik) @8:00PM

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A - Age: 23 internationally.
B - Biggest fear: dying.
C - Current time: 1pm kst
D - Drink you last had: a glass of 1982 chateau lafite rothschild. she was having a bad day
E - Every day starts with: hitting the snooze button for another ten minutes, rolling around in bed for another twenty, getting up a little cranky and moody.
F - Favourite song: she has a favorite song for every mood.
G - Ghosts, are they real: no. maybe. yes. if they can haunt her in her sleep, whose to say they don’t walk among the living?
I - In love with: no one, nothing. something inexplicable. something elusive. euphoria, maybe??
K - Killed someone: no. yes, indirectly.
L - Last time you cried: last night. she doesn’t know why. just woke up sobbing.
M - Middle name: doesn’t have one.
N - Number of siblings: she is an only child.
O - One wish: to be happy.
P - Person you last called/texted: jaeyoon.
Q - Questions you are always asked: “are you dating?” “eunha-ssi, you were seen with xxx, son of xxx? will we be hearing news about upcoming nuptials?” “are you looking to settle down any time soon?” “will you be taking over your father’s empire?” “how does it feel to be envied, eunha-ssi?”
R - Reasons to smile: ajumma singing when she walks in on her sunday morning as she makes kimbap, dogs pulling on their leashes to get their owners to stop so she can pet them, a good song, a text from eojin about something stupid or updating her with his schedule, the pojangmacha ahjussi giving her a free tteokbokki just because, the sound of a child laughing, patbingsu, matcha ice cream, dancing when no one is watching.
S - Song last sang: knee — iu
T - Time you woke up: 4am.
U - Underwear colour: black.
V - Vacation destination: venice.
W - Worst habit: staring at you (but she’s actually not even looking at you, just lost in thought) when you’re talking. lying lying lying.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: tons after her accident and during recovery and post-recovery. chest x-rays, MRIs and CAT scans.
Y - Your favourite food: unaju.
Z- Zodiac sign: sagittarius.


Jungkook’s 1st solo reality show! ‘꽃놀이패’ will begin shooting on the 6th at Jejudo and will be broadcasted on Vlive!
He and other 5 celebrities will spend 3 days in Jejudo! This is going to be a new concept in the travel reality show drama because it requires audience’s votes.
Other celebrities include Kim Minseok (Descendants of the Sun actor), Jo Seho (entertainer), Seo Janghoon (former basketball player, entertainer).

Broadcast times (KST)
June 6th (2pm, 9pm)
June 7th (10am, 8pm)

trans: BTS_BiTS (with edits and more info from me)

Things International K-pop fans Say
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “is it subbed?!?!
  • “When will it get subbed?!?”
  • “The album + shipping is how much?!?”
  • “Is it subbed yet?!?”
  • “Why aren’t they coming to my country for the tour?!?”
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “The official light stick is how much?!?”
  • “What time will ___ KST be in my timezone?!?”
  • “Why do they never have fan-signing/fan-meets in my country?!?”
  • “Shipping is how much?!?”
  • “Does the contest include an airplane ticket?!?”
  • “Why is this restricted in my country?!?”
  • “Why aren’t I in Korea?!?”
[!] MONSTA X SCHEDULE 03/28 - 04/03

All times in KST.

  • 03/28 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording)
  • 03/29 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording)
  • 03/29 - JTBC Hip Hop Nation Press Conference (Jooheon)
  • 03/30 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording) 
  • 03/31 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording)
  • 03/31 - KBS CoolFM SJ’s KTR (Kihyun/Hyungwon) (Live) @ 10pm
  • 04/01 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording)
  • 04/01 - Arirang Simply K-Pop (I.M) (Broadcast) @ 9am
  • 04/01 - MBC CEO Next Door (Kihyun) (Broadcast) @ 6:10pm
  • 04/01 - JTBC Hip Hop Nation (Jooheon) (Broadcast) @ 9:40pm
  • 04/02 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording) 
  • 04/03 - SBS Law of The Jungle (Shownu) (Recording)

NU’EST Nominated For 1st Place on Today’s The SHOW

NU’EST is once again nominated for 1st place on SBS MTV The SHOW, to go on broadcast live at 8PM KST (timing on the poster is in CST). This makes NU’EST second nomination on The SHOW and on music broadcasts in general, after their first nomination last week.

Please remember to tune in if you can, set your mobile to Korean timing and vote 뉴이스트 to +821119 or 00821119 via SMS for Korean’s live voting (15%).

We are accepting any last minute donations until 1PM KST (in 30 more minutes), so beyond that please don’t send any donations to us as we would have transferred the sum to NU’EST Bar Weibo.

In related news, members will also be taking part in the Chuseok-themed Mission 60 segment during the program, so don’t miss it.

Source: Tudou Music Weibo

[!] MONSTA X SCHEDULE 160516 - 160522

All times in KST.

  • 05/16: MBC Dramanet My Type Beauty Bible (Kihyun) (MC) (Recording)
  • 05/17: JTBC Hip Hop Nation (Jooheon) (Last Recording)
  • 05/18:
    • MONSTA X ‘The Clan’ RELEASE
    • My Type Beauty Plus (Kihyun) (Broadcast) @ 12am
    • MBC Every1 Weekly Idol (Jooheon) (Broadcast) @ 6pm
    • MONSTA X 'The Clan’ Part 1 Lost SHOWCASE @ 8pm
  • 05/19:
    • MONSTA X 'The Clan’ 'All In (걸어)’ COMEBACK
    • Cultwo Show Radio (Live) @ 2pm
    • M Countdown Comeback Stage (Live) @ 6pm
  • 05/20:
    • Music Bank Comeback Stage (Live) @ 5pm
    • Music Video Bank (Recording)
  • 05/21: Music Core Comeback Stage (Live) @ 3:40pm
  • 05/22: Inkigayo Comeback Stage (Live) @ 3:40pm