Video Wednesday: The Heat Is On!

Kurtjmac is back playing Kerbal Space Program, and the heat is on!

Considering he hasn’t played KSP in quite a while what tips and tricks would you give him? Which changes over the last year will he need to account for?



my aesthetic: when youtubers play ksp for the first time and don’t know what the eva button does and clicks it mid-flight



Fanwork Friday: JoePatrick1′s KSP on Hololens concept

We don’t know what JoePatrick1 just created, but it’s amazing. Many of you must’ve seen the Hololens demonstration at E3, and that was reason enough for JoePatrick to create some animations of how he thinks KSP would work with the Hololens. Wow!




Kerbal Space Program 1.0.3 is now live!

Update 1.0.3 is here. You can now download it from Steam, GOG and our website.

This update focuses on bug fixes and balance settings, including a few small tweaks that were made to the aerodynamic & heating simulation models. We took some time to evaluate these changes and we’re very happy with the result, but they can mean that designs that worked previously need some changes to continue working correctly.

In addition to the tweaks and rebalancing, this update contains five new radiator parts to help cool your spacecraft.

Kerbal Space Program v1.0.3 is part of our commitment to keep developing KSP even after release. We also continue to work on KSP 1.1 which will feature an update to Unity 5 and we’ll share more on that as information becomes available in the future.

You can review the full list of changes here.

Kerbal Space Program 1.0.4 patch is now available!

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released a small patch to resolve an issue some users were having with craft in saves created in KSP 1.0.3 that were not loading properly, and became uncontrollable.

If you were not experiencing this issue you won’t need to update to 1.0.4, though Steam users will see this update applied automatically. The patch is now available on Steam and through our website, with other services following shortly.

Thank you guys for quickly and adequatly reporting this bug, and a special thank you goes out to _ayli_ for providing a workaround in the mean time, which also helped us narrow down the cause of the bug a bit quicker.


First Successful Space Shuttle.

The Shuttle Prototype had one successful orbit of Kerbin before reentry. However, the shuttle’s reentry angle was wrong, and I almost lost it to overheating. The Shuttle’s initial stage doesn’t like turning either. More design work is needed, but I believe that this is a set in the right direction.