Jen snapchatted me her crying over Saruhiko and Sarumi in the recent episode so I snapchatted Sara, Judy, and Jen with a video of me shaking my head and saying “Saruhiko” with a slight smirk on my face, to which Judy replied “I hate you both”. Sara’s probably gonna snapchat me back with a pic of Hisui or a pic of a trash can with a caption “nice to see you again Navya” lol their snapchats are so expected I love them. Usually Jen snapchats random ass n00b videos of her day (and fucking Jonas Brothers shitty lyric videos from youtube), Sara snapchats her fucking orgo or bio homework and labs, and Judy just randomly sends shit like “first snow” and weird-ass photos of Guy Fieri. Why are my friends like this. 

Anyway Saruhiko is being r00d and Reisi is being r00d just like Mikoto was because he knew he’d die and Reisi knows he’ll die and that’s why he’s being r00d. On a more serious note, I believe that because Saruhiko suffered abuse and neglect in the past, he is prone to being flighty and sensitive. It’s something I myself suffer from as an abuse survivor - isolating myself when I believe I’m being a burden, not believing that people care for me, etc. Perhaps this is a catalyst for the long-awaited development. I still haven’t even watched the episode (GOD DAMMIT JEN)