Teach Me (Part 1) – by K

[This is readerxgirl smut. You’ve been informed.]

On a scorching summer day that was way too hot to go to the outdoor pool in your neighborhood, you and your friends decided to head downtown to the huge indoor pool to beat the heat. There was a group of four hot guys playing around the pool when you and your friends got there and it was the perfect number; each of you could have a boy for yourself.

The guy you paired up with had his hair cut down really short. You lounged beside the pool as he told you about how he just recently completed his military service. He went on and on about how early in the morning he had to wake up and about how much he worked out. Quite frankly, he was boring you to death but you continued to listen with interest because his face, skin, and body were perfect!

You glanced over to the other side of the pool to see your friends having a blast with the other guys. They were throwing each other into the deep end of the pool, screaming and laughing with sheer joy. You felt a little jealous watching them. They could actually enjoy the pool while you had to sit on the sidelines watching. You never learned how to swim, you were actually so afraid of drowning that you didn’t even want to try.

“What did you say your name was, again?” you asked turning back to him. He was looking off into the distance with envy.

“Chang Sun,” he replied, still looking at the other side of the pool. “Let’s go over there and talk,” he offered, standing up and reaching for your hand.

You shrugged and followed him over, sitting on the beach chairs closest to the water. “You know you’re very beautiful,” he said with a smile, reaching out to touch your exposed thigh. The way Chang Sun kept staring at you made you feel so uncomfortable so you looked away and in that one second, he grabbed both of your arms and sent you flying into the 12 ft side of the pool.

Your screams were cut short by the sting of the water as you came in contact with it. It quickly swallowed you up as you continued to scream, water filling your mouth. You waved your arms franticly in an attempt to pull yourself to the surface but you only sunk deeper, closer to the bottom. The water turned black around you as you sunk deeper, deeper, the pool transforming into a dark abyss. You silently made your peace with God as you felt your life slipping away quickly, as the water filled your lungs, as you lost consciousness.

The last thing you felt were a pair of slender arms wrap around your waist and pull you in, holding you close. You were going to meet God soon.

[Later on]

Warm soft lips. Pleasantly soft lips. Your eyes flew open and you coughed the water from your lungs. Those same slender arms you felt before you ‘died’ wrapped themselves around your shoulders and pulled you up to a sitting position.

Chang Sun quickly came to your side and knelt beside you. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you couldn’t swim. Please forgive me!” he practically begged.

You glared at him in disgust. “Whatever,” you spat coldly, pushing him away. The sight of his perfect face made you sick, now. His childish actions nearly killed you!

Your friends shooed him away and came to your side. “We’re so sorry. We panicked. We didn’t know what to do!” your friend JiNa explained apologetically. “Good thing the life guard was on duty otherwise…” her words trailed off as she let her imagination fabricate the worst case scenario.

“Alright, everyone back up. I need to get her to the office to make a report. And no more rough housing!” an assertive, yet fragile voice came from behind you. The arms helped you to your feet and when she stepped in front of you to lead you to the office you froze. She was beautiful, in a boyish way.

She sat down across from you, a large wooden desk creating a comfortable distance between you. She slid a pen and lined sheet of paper toward you. “Okay. I need you to write a statement for me. I understand things may be a little fuzzy for you right now but just try to focus, alright?” She assured you with a tight-lipped smile. “I’m also going to administer some precautionary first aid to you, to make sure you haven’t sustained any substantial injuries besides a bit of shock.”

You nodded and began writing down everything you could remember from the incident while she checked your blood pressure and reflexes. When you were done writing, she clapped her hands together and took the paper from you, reading it out loud.

She lowered the paper when she finished reading your statement and looked directly into your eyes. “You don’t know how to swim.” It sounded like a mixture between a question and a statement. You shook your head slowly, feeling embarrassed.

“It’s okay. I teach classes if you’d like to join.”

You shook your head again. “I’m awkward when I’m in groups. I’d rather not.”

She chucked. “It’s okay. I offer private lessons, too. So you have no excuse. I don’t want you to drown again so I’m offering to teach you how to swim.”

“You’re going to teach me?”

She nodded, leaning forward, “Only if you’re willing.”

Your lessons started the following week. You met on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon when only ajummas and ajusshis were at the pool. She was very patient and comforting even on the first day when you almost cancelled your lesson for fear of another drowning episode.

After three weeks, she challenged you to swim to the 12ft end of the pool. At first you were hesitant, but you knew that because of her, you were now a strong swimmer. If you backed down from her challenge, she would be very disappointed in you.

As you reached the far end of the pool and turned around to head back to the shallow end an idea popped into your head. I should shock her by pretending to drown. OMG she would freak out so bad! You started flailing your arms erratically and screaming, bobbing your head under the water. Within seconds she had her arms around you and was pulling you to the edge of the pool but you noticed something; one of her hands was cupping your breast. It actually felt good the way she was squeezing you close to her chest. You could feel her breast pressing against your back. What’s wrong with me? She’s a fucking girl!

She dragged you out of the pool and laid you down on the tile, you held your breath. You wanted her to give you mouth to mouth before you surprised her. She checked to see if you were breathing, then muttered a curse and held your nose. Tilting your head back, she placed her mouth to yours and attempted to breathe into you but you slipped your tongue into her mouth and opened your eyes wide! “Surprise!” you giggled as she jumped back, startled. The taste of her still lingered on your lips, sweet and bitter like a mixture of bubble gum and chlorine.

From the look on her face you could tell she wasn’t amused. She stood up, glaring at you, and stalked to her office. You hurriedly scrambled to your feet and followed behind her into the small room, closing and locking the door behind you. “You’re not mad are you?” you asked shyly.

“Yes I’m mad! I was terrified when I saw you out there drowning! What the hell man? Do you think it’s funny? I thought you were dying!” her voice was loud and threatening, her eyes flashing with anger.

“Stop yelling,” you whimpered, shrinking back into the corner. You hated it when people yelled. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to joke around with you. It was stupid.” You voice wavered. You were on the verge of tears.

“No. No. Don’t cry.” Her voice softened as she came closer, wiping away the few tears that trickled down your cheeks. She pulled you into her arms again, holding you flush against her chest. You could feel her breast pressing against yours – it felt good.

“Amber,” you whispered.

“What is it?”

“Can I tell you something embarrassing?”

She nodded, leaning back to look into your eyes, still holding onto your waist.

“I really like it when you hold me. And I know it’s weird since we’re both girls but I think I have a crush on you.” Her eyes widened and you gulped, waiting on her response.

She averted her eyes nervously then, locked her gaze on you, slowly leaning forward. “I-I-…” Her lips met yours in a sweet, slow, passionate kiss. You slipped your tongue into her mouth again, this time with her readily accepting it and reciprocating your action. She slid her tongue past your lips and flicked it against the roof of your mouth, giving you sensations you’d never felt before. Your lips disconnected for only a fraction of a second as you pulled her soaking wet t-shirt over her head, revealing her equally soaked sports bra.

She gripped your waist harder and forced down your bikini bottom, making them fall to your ankles. You gasped as she pressed her hand between your thighs and started teasing your clit with her thumb. She added more pressure and you moaned against her soft lips. You needed more of her. Lifting your leg up and wrapping it around her waist, you pulled her in closer and exposed your core to her. She slid her fingers inside you and pushed them in deep, moaning and biting your bottom lip.

You clutched her shoulders as you wished for her bra to disappear. You took the initiative and rolled the bottom of her sports bra up, revealing her small yet perfect breasts. You slid your hands up her sides and kneaded her breasts, making her moan into your open mouth as you kissed. You couldn’t force yourself to pull away from her soft, sweet lips. She tasted so good. She was a drug.

“Can I? Suck them?” you breathed between kisses. She nodded, regretfully tearing her lips away from yours and waited for your next move. You placed soft, open-mouthed kisses along her neck, leading down to her collar bone. You took that opportunity to pull her bra all the way off, evening the playing field. She tangled her fingers in your damp hair as you hesitantly took her nipple into your mouth, swirling your tongue around in small circles. Her head fell back and she moaned loudly as you started flicking your tongue faster and pinching her other nipple between your fingers with your free hand. Your other hand was in her swim trunks, teasing her clit. She screamed and pulled your hair harder as you plunged your fingers deep into her wetness. Her walls squeezed your fingers tight, turning you on even more. You’d never done this before with a girl but it felt so natural and right. You pumped your fingers in and out of her, keeping your pace as she started to ride, rolling her hips seductively.

She took the dominant role again, pinning you against the wall and attacking your neck with her teeth. It took every cell and every fragment of discipline in your body to push her away. “Amber, let’s finish this at your place.”

She nodded, wrapping her arms around you again and giving you a tight squeeze. “You’re right. Let’s hang out here until I lock up the pool tonight and then we can continue,” she laughed, brushing back your damp hair and kissing you on the forehead.

Reminisce – by K

You opened your eyes slowly. The sunlight streamed through the blinds.

You smiled. He smiled. His lips were as red as cherries; they looked tasty.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered. His breath smelled of peppermint. For some reason, he never had morning breath. As if he brushed his teeth right before you woke up every morning and somehow crept back into bed without disturbing you.

“Good morning, handsome.” You lifted a finger to pet the lion tattooed on his chest. “How did you sleep?”

He took your hand into his, lacing your fingers together. “Good. Do you remember when we first met?”

You nodded. How could you ever forget?

It was a cloudy day. The rain was more of a light mist that fogged the air. You were walking to a restaurant for your lunch break. You enjoyed the nearly deserted sidewalks rainy days brought. They gave you a chance to revisit your childhood; splashing in puddles and kicking up water.

“Since then, you’ve become my everything.” He squeezed your hand tighter and raised it to his lips, kissing it.

He watched you play in the rain from a hazy café window, intrigued by the way you skipped from puddle to puddle, giggling without a care.

“Until I met you, I never knew what love was. I didn’t know I could experience this kind of happiness until you brought it to me.”

Eleven months had passed since that fateful day in April. Now, almost a year later, the only man you could see was him and the only woman he saw was you. He was your everything, too.

The Director - by K

You had never really looked at him this way but as you watched Director Choi announce the accomplishments of the soon to be partner of KG Enterprise, you couldn’t help yourself.
You squirmed in your seat as you felt your panties moisten. You were so preoccupied in your lust that you hadn’t noticed everyone’s eyes on you. You searched the room nervously with your eyes. Had I moaned out loud? You did a mental face-palm as you sheepishly looked into your hands clasped together in your lap.

Director Choi cleared his throat into the microphone, “Ehem! Ms. _______ would you like to come up and receive your recognition?”

Your head snapped up. “Me?” you mouthed pointing to yourself. He nodded smiling warmly at you. Nervously, you stood, making your way to the middle of the stage nearly fainting when he rested his hand on the small of your back, posing for a photo. Your smile was forced as he inched closer to whisper in your ear.

“What were you thinking about down there?” he breathed, barely moving his lips.

“You,” you whispered back unconsciously. You hurriedly covered your mouth, eyes wide in horror. What had you just said to your superior? You shook your head in regret and tried as best you could to recover, “I mean everything you said! Um…”

It was too late, a smile crept over his thin lips as he cocked one of his eyebrows. “You were thinking about me?” his words were slow and deliberate.

As he spoke, the room started spinning. You could feel your heart beating out of your chest as beads of sweat started to form on your forehead. The weight of your body felt 10x greater.

“Ms. ______!” you heard him scream your name before everything went black.

[3 hours later approximately 12am]

It was so hot! You tried to wipe the sweat from your forehead but couldn’t move. A cold wash rag blotted the sweat away but as you tried to open your eyes, all you saw was darkness. You panicked as you kicked and strained. You were blindfolded, gagged, and retrained laying on the softest surface you could imagine. What kind of sick joke was this?

The last thing you could remember was fainting while accepting recognition for becoming partner and …. Director Choi! You calmed down and slowed your breathing.

Two gentle hands caressed your sides. A warm tongue licked up your stomach. You let out a soft throaty moan as you arched your back. Who was this? Could it be the Director? No! No way! You tugged at your restraints once more indicating that you could be released. Instead the hands untied the gag.

“D-direct-” you were silenced by his tongue. He kissed you passionately, climbing on top of you. You could smell his intoxicating cologne now, this was definitely Director Choi. You moaned softly into his mouth.

“Do you know who this is?” he inquired pulling away from your greedy mouth.

You nodded, “Directo-.” He silenced you again with his sweet tasting lips, sucking your tongue into his hot mouth.

“Don’t speak to me formally,” he demanded. “You are in my bed, in my home. Don’t address me formally.” His voice softened, “You know my name don’t you?”

“SeungHyun,” you moaned.

“That’s right,” he rewarded you by uncovering your eyes.

It didn’t take long for your eyes to adjust to the dim light. Nor did it take long for a pool to form between your legs. His chest was bare, his arms balancing his sculpted body above your naked one… you hadn’t noticed until just now.

He lowered his face until your lips were just barely touching, “I’ve wanted to do this to you since I first saw you. Pardon me for taking advantage.” Swiftly, he plunged his fingers inside of you. You scream out of pure surprise from the pleasure that one motion gave you.

His dark eyes bore holes into your soul as he stroked your insides watching every facial expression. Listening carefully to every sound. He dove his fingers in deeper, massaging your sweet spot. You could feel him panting hard against your neck as he gave you your pleasure. You wanted so desperately to claw his back to shreds. Pin him down. Take control. But you were tied into submission.

He immediately detected your distraction and slid his fingers from your opening. You started to whine but it quickly transformed to a moan as he shoved his dick into you. “Ah,” you screamed, body convulsing. He ignored your cries and continued to drive his rock hard member into your hot, wet erotica. You watched as his perfect face twisted into the most orgasmic expression as he came inside you.

You were a bit disappointed by his sudden finish but he wasn’t quite done yet. He lowered himself until his head was between your legs kissing each thigh upward until his lips brushed against your sensitive, throbbing clit. He hesitated looking up at you under kneaded brows. Was he asking your permission?

You nodded wanting nothing more than sweet release. He began slowly. Sucking your swollen clit into his mouth, sucking it gently, sending tremors up and down your spine. He slid his hands under you to cup your ass forcing you closer to his hungry tongue. He started flicking his tongue violently against your clit making sounds come from deep inside your throat. Your body quaked. He moved one of his hands from under you and pressed two fingers inside, curling them up to hit your g-spot. He moved his fingers quickly making it feel better than any vibrator you’ve ever had. Making sucking noises you’ve never heard. Your head flooded, only seeing red. You could feel your stomach tightening. He was relentless in his quest to make you orgasm. He pushed his tongue inside you to join his fingers but never releasing your clit from his hot, wet embrace. SHIT! You felt it coming. You screamed loud enough to pierce your own ears as your body caved into an epileptic fit. Jumping, convulsing. He used his free arm to hold your hips steady as he slowly let you down. Easing back into a soft caress against your slippery walls. Your head was cloudy. Did the Director, I mean SeungHyun just made love to me? Was this a dream? You shook your head in disbelief.

He untied you being careful as to not over stimulate your sensitive skin. Lying next to you, he lulled your name in his deep silk-like voice. “Would you like to stay the night?”
The Confession

The Confession - by K

“Cha Sun Woo!” you scolded your best friend as he stuck chopsticks up his nose at the lunch table. But you couldn’t contain your laughter. He was always this childishly funny when the two of you were alone together. He couldn’t be himself and this comfortable around anyone else but you. You cherished this friendship.
“Oh, come on! I was only joking,” he retorted removing the chopsticks from his nostrils and pouting.
“I know,” you smiled, hitting his thigh playfully. “But people are beginning to stare.” You frowned at the half eaten food left on your plate. You hadn’t had much of an appetite lately. “Let’s get out of here,” you suggested slapping four notes on the table to take care of the bill and grabbing his hand.
Your walk was silent and comfortable back to your house. You didn’t mind strolling arm-in-arm, although you knew it was just a friendly gesture to him. Anytime you touched him, your heart raced. Whenever you were away from him, you wondered what he was doing. “Sun Woo,” you blurted.
“Have you ever liked a girl?”
It took him a while to answer, but he finally said yes. He said he had a crush on the girl for a while but he could never tell her. You could see a certain sadness surface in his eyes as he told you about this girl who he felt was too good to ever notice him. You immediately started to dislike her. Even if she didn’t know he liked her, she was hurting him. And you couldn’t have that. “Who is she?” you ordered.
“I can’t tell you that,” he said smirking. “You might try to beat her up!”
He knew you too well. You finally arrived at your doorstep and he waited until you went inside. After you closed the door, you scurried to the window to see how long he had waited after you went inside. You were disappointed to see he had already gone. For a moment, you hoped that you were the girl he liked. But after he said that you would beat her up, you realized that he wasn’t talking about you. It saddened you a bit, but as a best friend, you had to support his love no matter how one-sided it was. You sighed, letting all expectations of a future with Sun Woo go.

[2 weeks later]

You received an unexpected phone call from an ecstatic Sun Woo telling you to meet him at the café in 10 minutes.
You sat across from a beaming Sun Woo. “______, I’ve decided!” he exclaimed. “I’m going to tell her my true feelings! But,” he paused and took your hands. “I’m going to need your help. You’re the only person I feel comfortable enough with to ask this. Please help me prepare for this.”
You knew how important this was for him by the sincerity shown in his eyes. He wanted you to help him practice telling her. You would arrive at his house later on today to help.
“Come late,” he insisted. “I want to have the atmosphere practiced too. I want to have her come to my house at night,” he winked raising his arms above his head to form a heart.
He’s so romantic, you thought to yourself. You inwardly pouted. Why couldn’t he be this way towards you?
You arrived at his house late as he requested. Around 9pm. He texted a while ago letting you know that he’d be leaving the door unlocked for you to come in. You lost your breath as you stepped inside. Did he literally mean he wanted to practice everything? Candles were lit and dinner was already set. What kind of rehearsal was this? “Sun Woo!” you called. “Was all of this really necessary to practice?”
He stepped out of his room at the sound of your voice. “This isn’t practice, baby.” And that’s when you heard it: SS501’s Because I’m Stupid. When you realized how stupid you really were. You couldn’t stop the tears when it finally hit you. “I love you,” he continued, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. “I only have eyes for you and I never knew if you felt the same until you asked me about the girl. Please don’t cry,” he begged.
He lifted your chin so you could face him, leaning in slowly. He wanted to make sure this is what you wanted. You closed your eyes. His kiss was gentle and passionate. Your lips parted allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. He was so careful, caressing your face with his thumb as he held you flush to his body. You clutched his hips, bringing him closer. Not even air could penetrate the bond you created. As you pressed your body into his, a moan erupted from deep in his throat. Clothes began to peel away. You weren’t sure what you were doing, but it felt so right when you rolled down his boxers and he unhooked your bra.
He lifted you off the ground and carried you into his bedroom. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he held you securely in his arms. “I want to do this right,” he murmured in a husky voice. He laid you down on the bed softly and started planting light kisses on every inch of your body. “Are you alright?” he asked as you began to shake uncontrollably.
“I’m nervous,” you admitted.
“We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready,” he assured you. “Are you ready?”
You shook your head, biting your lip. You hoped this wouldn’t upset him.
“It’s okay baby,” he smiled, running his fingers through your hair and lying down beside you. He pulled you on top of him letting your head rest on his chest. The sound of his heartbeat relaxed you. “We should share this special moment for our honeymoon night. You’re right,” he admitted quietly.
You were both naked, but you had never felt more at ease with him than at this very moment. Knowing that your feelings were reciprocated was the best feeling in the world. And you knew that you could spend the rest of your life with this man, your best friend.

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I’m so glad to have joined the ksmutt team! I hope you guys liked my submission story, “Workout Plan” (Rain & You). It was something I wrote that aimed to please you (in more ways than one). I’m in the works of editing another story, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it (I know I do -drool-). You should probably prepare your minds (and your bodies) for my upcoming smuts. I’ll give you a little information about this new one…….it centers around SHINee, -cue all the possibilities- I may not be the best writer in the world but I do have good intentions and I sincerely want to make each story a good reading experience.

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An Ajumma crush

So I’ve recently developed an ajumma crush. I don’t know if it’s gross or not. She’s old enough to be my mother, but her voice…. smh, it does things to me. I want to write about her… but idk how anyone would feel about reading ajumma smut. lmao. Please, any opinion would be greatly appreciated.


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