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Hey hun! This is K from ksmutt! Thank you so much for explaining! I love it so much when our followers actually pay just a smidgen of attention to us and our questions (not just our smut) lol so it's quite possible that he reads his fanfics lmao. That would be awk, don't you think?

Oh, it was no problem! I adore your writings, but I adore being able to answer questions even more and I was happy to help. :) And I’m just glad it didn’t seem to rambly or anything. I’ve put an insane amount of thought into whether or not Yong Guk speaks English, aha. But it’s all speculation, so I could easily be wrong. ^^;;

And it’s mildly terrifying to think he’s read a fanfic. xD There is some terrifying stuff in the fanfiction world.

I just wanted to take the time out to let all of our followers know you are greatly loved and appreciated.

Thank you for following us. Thank you for talking to us.