When you get into an argument for the first time.

the G to the D edition

authors notes: Swearing and Moody Jiyong


*you get annoyed by him hanging around with beautiful actresses, models and other female celebrities all of the time…it makes you feel inadequate but you've never mentioned it*

*You've been feeling crappy all day and Jiyong has just come home after being on tour for a few days*

[Y/N] Jiyongie… you’re home <3

[Y/N] …I bet you’re tired *trying to gauge his mood* I made a really nice meal earlier… I can warm it up for you… 

[GD] *sigh* sure, that’d be great… thanks jagi…

*You get some of the food you’d made earlier and put it in a container to warm it up… you notice him walking off to the bedroom*

[Y/N] where are you going Ji? this’ll just take a moment…

[GD] I need a shower. 

*You take a moment to appreciate his back… until he slams the bedroom door behind him*

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Jungkook Series [Part 1]: 'Til Death Do Us Part'

Waking up, you rolled your eyes when you saw a sleeping Jungkook on the unfamiliar bed.

Oh yeah, you guys got married.

It wasn’t particularly your typical marriage. In fact, there wasn’t even any love involved. But there was money involved. Here was their deal: you get married to our son and you and your family will get money. Much was unknown to you because this was “adult” business. But this was YOUR marriage, you thought. No, it was a “marriage” between the two families. It was a truce.

Your family once was wealthy, but one failure after another and bankruptcy hit your family hard. This marriage apparently was meant to save you and your family. So you, as “one of the daughters”, was sacrificed to be the family’s “savior”.

Yesterday was the wedding. There were hundreds of people from both families that came. But the whole ceremony was particularly quiet; just a few coughs and mumbled words were heard.

Before the wedding, you only saw Jungkook twice. Once as kids, when your wealthy families were pitted against each other. And the second, when the marriage was briefly discussed.

Both families did feel that the two of you should get to know each other. So with the little goodness they still had in their hearts, they decided a honeymoon was necessary.

Here you lay, on the bed in a beautiful little island that Jungkook’s family owned. No escape when the helicopter dropped you both off.

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *chapter 1*

the i’m so sorry but i love you edition

next chapter [x]

authors notes: because I want to ramble I’ll make this into a series so it doesn’t get too long <3

*you’ve been friends with BIGBANG for almost a year now… you’re especially close with Jiyong*

*you and Jiyong are hanging out at his apartment*

[Y/N] *laughing at something on the TV*…did you see that Ji? *you turn to look at him*

*Jiyong is staring at you… he turns away smiling*

[Y/N] what? what is it? *immediately feeling self conscious*

[GD] …you just look really beautiful when you laugh…

*you feel your face go bright red*

[Y/N] Jiyong… *you playfully push him*

[GD] it’s true… you’re really beautiful Y/N…

*his gaze makes your heart beat increase*

*you look away but he reaches out and tilts your face towards his*

[GD] Y/N… I… I think I have feelings for you…

*he slowly leans in*

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[Y/N] Jiyong… *you gasp*

*he watches your reaction amused*

[GD] …did you really not know?

[Y/N] *you shake your head embarrassed* …i had n-no idea *blush*

[GD] *smirk* i clearly didn’t show you enough…

*he leans in for another kiss… and well…*

*stay tuned for the next chapter*

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When you’re watching a movie together~ pt.1

the i’m him edition


*you and Minho have sat down to watch a movie together… you haven’t seen each other for a few days because Minho had a schedule abroad… you’ve missed him and for some reason he looks extra hot tonight*

*you find yourself staring at his profile whilst he is concentrating on the film… his smooth lines… long eyelashes… his flawless skin… and that mouth. that mouth…*

*you feel your body becoming hotter and your heart rate increasing…*

[Y/N] Jagi… 

[MH] *he drags his attention away from the tv* …huh?

*his smirk drives you crazy*

[Y/N] …i’ve missed you *you mumble*

*you feel embarrassed because you’ve never acted like this before*

[MH] oh… I’ve missed you too Jagi *he smiles playfully and makes eye contact*

*you can’t think of anything else at that moment… you lose yourself in his eyes and it’s as if there’s nothing else in the world*

[Y/N] oppa… *your breathing becomes heavy*

[MH] *his eyes grow wide as he realises your intentions* Jagi…? Are you oka-

*you lean forward and silence him with a passionate kiss before scrambling onto his lap… his large hands slide around your waist*

[Y/N] show me that you missed me… *you whisper in his ear*

*he looks at you wide eyed*

[MH] what did you just say?

*you pull off your t-shirt and let down your hair*

[Y/N] *you smirk playfully watching his reaction* I said… *you slide your hands down his torso* …show me how much you missed me…

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*every sign of playfulness vanishes and he becomes very serious… he wastes no time in removing the rest of your clothes before starting on his own…*

*he kisses your body playfully whilst pinning you on the sofa*

[MH] *smirk* i don’t think you’re prepared for how much i missed you…

[Y/N] …prove it…

~ mico

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reaction master list

please enjoy~


Mino & Zico

GD & Zico







Block B



Park Kyung


Song Minho



  • when he finds your hoard of choco pies


  • when he finds your hoard of choco pies


  • when he finds your hoard of choco pies


  • when you kiss for the first time: 1, 2, 3.
  • when you want to watch a horror film: 1, 2, 3.

Rap Monster



  • when you confess for the first time: 1, 2.




Running Man

Kim Jong Kook

Kwang Soo

When you’re trying to get ready in the morning but he can’t keep his hands off of you~ pt.2/5

the doom dada edition

authors note: I actually salivated writing this…


*you open your eyes… morning… you turn over*

[Y/N] good morning seunghyunie <3

[TOP] morning… *leans in for a kiss*

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*he makes sure that you’ll feel the kiss for the rest of the day*

[TOP] round 2? *he growls*

*you drag yourself away with a heavy heart*

[Y/N] no come on, we both have stuff to do today…

*you both spend some time getting ready… you start to change your underwear*

*you feel a thumb hook into the side of your underwear… you turn around*

[Y/N] can i help you? *you giggle*

*you push him away and cross to the other side of the room*

*he stares at you longingly*

[Y/N] yah! you stay over there you predator! 

*let’s just say you were late to your meeting*

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When you’re trying to get ready in the morning but he can’t keep his hands off of you~ pt.5/5

the strong baby edition

*you open your eyes to see a sleepy Seungri wandering around the bedroom*

[Y/N] oh… how long have you been up *you wipe the sleep from your eyes*

[SR] not long Jagi~ 

[Y/N] you should have woken me up *you sit up in bed*

[SR] but you look so cute when you sleep…

*Seungri walks towards the bed and leans over you*

[SR] good morning Jagi~

*he leans in for a gentle kiss, tilting your chin up with one hand*

[Y/N] good morning Seunghyun~ *you smile up at him*

[SR] …we could always …stay in bed

*you laugh at him and push him away*

[Y/N] Jagi… I need to get ready…

*you pull of your covers and step out of bed*

[SR] oh! I forgot you were wearing that lingerie…

[Y/N] stop staring you pabo! *laughing*

*you walk towards the bathroom but you’re stopped by an arm wrapping around your waist. you feel yourself being pulled backwards until you press against Seungri’s chest*

[SR] *he whispers against your neck* well I can’t let you leave looking like that…

*he turns you to face him*

[SR] don’t go yet… *he kisses you hard*

*before you can react he pulls you towards the bed*

[SR] i’m sorry Jagi… but you won’t be needing these…


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When you’re watching a movie together~ pt.2

the tough cookie edition


*Jiho has been trying to get you into bed all evening but you’ve been telling him no… you’ve both decided to sit down and watch a film*

*you glimpse him out of the corner of your sight trying to be sexy*

*your eyes drift to his mouth*

*your heart rate gets a little faster and you shift uncomfortably in your seat*

[Y/N] *sigh* come here…

[ZC] huh? *pulling his attention away from the film*

[Y/N] *you blush* …go …to bed *you mumble*

[ZC] *pretending to be oblivious* what do you mean Jagi? *smirk*

*you smile shyly and pull yourself onto his lap*

[Y/N] I said… *kissing him on the nose* let’s go to bed…

[ZC] do you mean it…?

*you nod cutely and lean forward to whisper into his ear*

[Y/N] make me feel good…

*to show him that you’re serious you tug at his t-shirt… you bite your lip as his hands work their way into your jeans*

[ZC] …like this?

*you pull away from him and stand up… your pull off your t-shirt as you walk towards the bedroom… you drop it on the floor and smirk at him*

[Y/N] are you coming? *you purr*

-an hour or so later-

*Jiho walks out of the bedroom sweaty and smug*

[ZC] do you feel better now Jagi?


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When you’re trying to get ready in the morning but he can’t keep his hands off of you~ pt.3/5

the ringa linga edition


*you wake up and turn over… Youngbae is still fast asleep… you watch him sleep for a little while*

*Youngbae suddenly stirs from sleep*

[Y/N] oh, good morning handsome *cute*

[YB] *sleepy mumbles*

*You spend some time cuddling and chatting*

[Y/N] uh… I need to go get ready 

*You start to pull yourself away*

[YB] not yet… *nuzzling you*

[Y/N] stop being cute! and go have a shower…

[YB] …want to join me? 

[Y/N] as wonderful as that sounds… *you drag him out of bed and push him in the direction of the shower* …I don’t have time.

*You continue to get ready whilst Youngbae showers… you enjoy listening to his shower rendition of eyes, nose, lips*

*A few minutes later he emerges from the shower…*

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*you pause what you’re doing and appreciate your wet, naked boyfriend*

*you watch him get dressed and ready… how is he so beautiful?*

*You check your watch*

[Y/N] I should get going Jagi…

[YB] *he turns around* …already?

[Y/N] yeah… I promised to meet my friend soon

[YB] …can’t you stay a little longer?

[Y/N] not really… I’ll see you late- 

*Youngbae cuts you off with a kiss*

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*he walks backwards dragging you towards the bed*

[Y/N] …youngbae *you gasp*

*but it’s too late… you completely forget about meeting your friend*

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Waking him up because he’s going to be late for his schedule pt.2

the crooked edition


[Y/N] how are you such an angel when you sleep? c’mon wake up pabo…

[GD] *sleepy mumbles* hngg…

[Y/N] Get up! You’re going to be late Ji… *smack*

[GD] huh…what? Morning <3 <3

[GD] do you want to cuddle?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[GD] fine… *hmph*

*20 minutes later*

[GD] Good morning jagi <3

[GD] I’ll see you in a few days, okay? Don’t miss me too much <3

[GD] UGH… I hate leaving you T-T I’ll miss you

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 8*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
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*before you can even finish uttering the words ‘i love you’ Jiyong sweeps you into his arms with a ridiculously happy grin on his face*

[GD] *laughing* Jagi~ahhhhhhh

*you squeal in his arms and momentarily forget Seunghyun watching awkwardly in the distance… however as Jiyong spins he turns to face Seunghyun*

[GD] oh… hyung… *he gently puts you down and kisses your forehead lightly*

*at this moment some soft music trickles into the room and you look up to see Seungri returning to the room*

[SR] oh… what’s with the weird atmosphere? 

*you feel your cheeks heat up and you move over to the sofa*

[GD] hm? atmosphere? oh! hyung you brought drinks! 

*you risk a peak over at Seunghyun who’s holding a bottle of wine in each hand, Seungri disappears off to the kitchen to get glasses*

*Jiyong and Seunghyun move over to the sofa as well… Jiyong starts up a drunken conversation with Seunghyun leaving you to lean back and enjoy the music trickling through the speakers*

*you close your eyes and feel yourself drifting off but the sound of Seungri clinking glasses on his way back from the kitchen wakes you up… Seungri wastes no time in pouring drinks for everyone*

*as you all start to sip your wine, Jiyong’s hand heads straight for your thigh… you look over and see a small smirk on his mouth*

*you try and ignore him but his hand creeps to your inner thigh… you feel your heart beat increase*

*you look up to check if the others are paying attention… you see Seungri engaged in something on his phone and Seunghyun drinking his wine… although his expression seems strange*

*Seunghyun gets up from his seat and leaves the room without a word, a bottle of wine in hand*

[GD] hyung? *he gets no answer so returns to his assault on your thigh*

*suddenly a ringtone fills the room and Jiyong jumps up from his seat and pulls out his phone*

[GD] hello? fuck… now?

*you watch as his face turns serious and he also leaves the room… you turn to Seungri*

[Y/N] what was that about?

[SR] …it must be business *dragging his attention away from his phone*

*you sit and chat happily with Seungri for around 15 minutes… finishing your glass of wine… you realise that you need the toilet so you excuse yourself*

[Y/N] seeing as Jiyong has disappeared I shall go to the bathroom… 

*you stand up and feel the effect of the alcohol hitting your head, you sway lightly and Seungri giggles drunkenly before pointing you in the right direction*

*you stagger off in the direction that Seungri sent you… you bounce off of the walls and find yourself on a corridor with all of the doors closed*

[Y/N] shit… *you whisper to yourself* which one… 

*you try the door at the end of the corridor and stumble through the door… you pause in the doorway*

[Y/N] oh… oppa I’m sorry…

*Seunghyun is sat on the floor with an empty bottle of wine by his side… he turns to look at you before standing suddenly*

*you stand swaying in the doorway as Seunghyun starts to cross the room… clearly drunk*

[Y/N] I was… um… *you concentrate on speaking* I was looking for-

*and then his lips were on yours*

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 13*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
next chapter [x]

*Seunghyun pushes you against his front door… kissing your neck as he fumbles for the door handle… you’re both breathing heavily. He manages to open the door and you stumble through the doorway. He pauses and holds you in front of him*

[TOP] …are you sure …you want to do this?

*You pull him towards you and place a hand on his cheek*

[Y/N] of course I do… I want this

*Seunghyun smiles to himself before leaning in and kissing you gently, cautiously at first. But soon his breathing becomes ragged and his kisses become urgent… his hands travelling over you. It felt different. You could feel his desperation and you lost yourself in him*

*The next morning*

*You open your eyes and glimpse shyly to the side of you… Your eyes drift over Seunghyun’s sleeping features and you feel a mix of emotions… guilt, relief, happiness… You rub your eyes and drape an arms across his warm sleepy body and watch him doze peacefully*

*You run a hand under his t-shirt and caress his torso, feeling his muscular body.*

[Y/N] aish… how can you be so handsome? *you whisper quietly*

*Seunghyun starts to stir and rolls onto his side… he opens his eyes and you smirk at him*

*Seunghyun sits up in bed and looks away shyly*

[TOP] Good morning Y/N *he whispers cutely*

*You smile at his shyness*

[Y/N] Good morning Seunghyun…

*Seunghyun clambers out of bed and you sit in bed watching him whilst he changes his clothes… you bite your lip…*

[Y/N] Seunghyun~ie *you call him from the bed*

*He turns to look at you*

[Y/N] …you haven’t given me a kiss yet this morning *you murmur shyly*

*Seunghyun loses his shyness, smirks and walks over*

*You spend the rest of the morning snuggled in Seunghyun’s arms… you’d missed cute mornings like this…*

*Suddenly your phone buzzes… you reach across and grab your phone… a text message - [call me please. i’m sorry. i love you]*

*You sit up in bed and the guilt you’d been trying to ignore washed over you and you felt your face burn up… Seunghyun looks up at you*

[TOP] What’s wrong sweetie? Who is it? 

[Y/N] *you pause* …it was Jiyong.

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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Waking him up because he’s going to be late for his schedule pt. 6

the hugeboy edition

[Song Minho]

[Y/N] wakey wakey… *smiling at his cuteness*

[SM] *groans* no…

[SM] Good morning Jagi~ <3

[SM] ugh, I’m so sleepy… can I just have your cuddles forever?

[Y/N] you do realise you have to go work today, right? *laughing* but that does sound lovely…*patting his sleepy head*

[SM] work?! what day is it?

[Y/N] wednesday…*laughing at the pabo* go shower, stinky.

*a wild minho appears*

[SM] Jagi have you seen my suit?

[Y/N] which one? You have about twenty… I mean you could just stay like that *pervy thoughts*

[Y/N] make sure you eat before you go… <3 there’s some food on the… yep you found it… 

*watching him get dressed*

[Y/N] how are you so perfect? *sigh*

[SM] me? you’re the perfect one… I love you *y/n*

[SM] I’ll see you later Jagi… I have to go… but i’ll make it up to you <3

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 5*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
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*it has been a week since the incident at Jiyong’s apartment… you and Jiyong have continued seeing each other although you can’t seem to get Seunghyun off of your mind*

*you arrive at Jiyong’s studio… you weren’t expecting anyone else to be there but you hear multiple voices coming from inside the room… you knock on the door before entering*

[TOP] oh… hello Y/N…

[GD] come in Jagi 

*you walk into the room and stand awkwardly*

[SR] hello *giggling*

*you can sense that they’ve been talking about you*

[Y/N] hello… oh, where’s Youngbae and Daesung? *you look around the room but can’t see them*

[GD] I thought you were here to see me… *cute pout*

*you smile at him before walking over to where he was sat*

[Y/N] hello Jiyongie~

*you shyly accept his kiss… aware of the eyes burning into your back*

[SR] get a room lovebirds…

[GD] *smirk* or you could just leave us…?

[Y/N] *you push them both playfully* aish~ stop it…

*Seunghyun catches your eye from his seat*

[TOP] it’s nice to see you with more clothes on Y/N… 

*you feel your cheeks burn up*

[Y/N] yah! don’t bring that up… and you can stop laughing you pabo!

[Y/N] anyway… *blushing* what’s the plan for tonight?

[SR] we’re drinking… are you joining us?

[Y/N] if that’s okay with everyone…

[GD] of course that’s okay with me Jagi~

*you turn to face Seunghyun*

[TOP] mmm… it’ll be fun…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 10*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
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*it’s been a couple of weeks since the drunken incident with Seunghyun… you’ve been trying to forget about it and so have avoided meeting up with the rest of BIGBANG… Jiyong has been very busy for the past few days with work*

*you’re on you way to meet Jiyong for a summer date by the river… you walk happily in the sun and check your phone*

[Y/N] oh shit i’m late… *you walk quickly and turn the corner*

*you see Jiyong enjoying the sunshine by himself, holding a bouquet of flowers*

[Y/N] Jiyong~ah! *you call cutely as you walk towards him*

*he hears you and starts to walk towards you with a grin on his face*

[GD] JAGI~AHHHH!  *he calls back cutely*

*you grin as he pulls you into his arms and attacks you with kisses*

[GD] how have you been? have you been sleeping okay? eating well? 

[Y/N] *laughing* yes… yes I’m perfectly fine pabo

[GD] good… i’m glad… i’ve missed you~

[Y/N] Jiyong it’s been like 2 days… *giggling*

[GD] 2 days too long! so… where are we going?

*you walk together until you find a riverside bench where you both sit down… you lean your head on his shoulder and he puts an arm around you*

[GD] …are you happy Y/N?

*you lift your head to look at him and your cheeks burn hot*

[Y/N] yes… yes of course I am happy… why would you ask that?

[GD] because i want you to be happy.. *he leans down and plants a kiss on your cheek*

*you turn back to facing the river… your heart beating fast*

*suddenly Jiyong jumps up from the bench*

[GD] Jagi… smile! 

*an hour or so passes and the two of you end up in a small hidden away cafe sharing some dessert… Jiyong is currently trying to impress you with his aegyo charms~*

[Y/N] *laughing* aigoo~ Jiyongie stop… *cringe*

*Suddenly Jiyong’s phone buzzes on the table… he looks down at the text*

[GD] oh… the rest of the members are meeting up not far from here… shall we go?

*he turns to you expectantly… you feel the blood drain from your face… you were starting to run out of excuses not to meet up with them*

[GD] come on… it’ll be fun… the boys said they miss you~ they haven’t seen you in ages

*before you know it you’re being bundled into a taxi and then suddenly you’re outside another cafe… your heart is beating fast and you feel nervous but Jiyong drags you inside*

*you take in the smell of coffee and the sleek interior design… you let Jiyong guide you up to a second floor… you notice that there is no one else in the cafe… as you reach the second floor you start to hear familiar voices and then you see them*

[DS] Oh Jiyong’s here… ahhh Y/N you came! *goofy grin* it’s been so long!

[YB] oh hello Y/N!

*you smile as Youngbae and Daesung stand up to greet you*

*you watch as Jiyong and Seungri greet each other*

*finally your eyes fall on the other figure still sat at the table… Seunghyun’s eyes meet yours before darting back to Jiyong… he looked nervous…*

[TOP] hello… Y/N…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 6*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
next chapter [x]

*you and the boys have been drinking for a couple of hours and you’ve ended up in the v.i.p section of a night club*

*you feel blissfully happy and very drunk whilst you dance with Jiyong and Seungri*

*you take a moment to catch your breath so you wander over to the table, where Seunghyun is sat with a couple of beautiful girls, and you sit down to take a sip of your drink*

[TOP] are you okay?

*you pause and look up at him blushing slightly*

[Y/N] oh… yeah I’m just a little hot…

*one of the girls sat with Seunghyun clearly feels jealous of you… she attempts to draw Seunghyun’s attention away from you…*

*…but he keeps his eyes fixed on you and smirks*

*your heart rate increases and you have to excuse yourself… you make your way back to Jiyong feeling confused*

*he’s made his way to the bar and turns around excited to see you*

[GD] cheers Jagi~!

[Y/N] oh… what are we celebrating? *you smile drunkenly*

[GD] ummm… how beautiful you are?

*he pulls you into his arms*

*you stand giggling and kissing for a while until Seungri taps you both on the shoulder*

[SR] we’re heading back to TOP-hyungs now…

*the three of you walk out of the club to see Seunghyun waiting by a taxi, smoking a cigarette… he always smells like a mix of expensive cologne and cigarettes*

[SR] hyung~ where are those pretty girls?

[TOP] …who? *he glimpses at you*

*you all clamber into the taxi… it’s very squished*

*Jiyong takes no time in making the most of the situation*

[GD] Jagi~ *he murmurs drunkenly*

*you’re subjected to drunken neck kisses… you notice that Seungri has drifted off to sleep… your eyes drift to the furthest seat in the taxi… Seunghyun… and he’s looking straight at you*

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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Jungkook Series [Part 10]: 'Till Death Do Us Part'


Part 10: Per usual, you woke up before Jungkook did. You ran your fingers over his forehead and through his hair, making his nose twitch a little. All his features were perfect: his smooth forehead, the little mole on his nose, his messy bed hair.

Just as you were about to get off the bed, you felt an arm go around you, securing you to the bed.

Jungkook—for once—was awake without you waking him up.

“Yeobo…” He whispered, “I can call you Yeobo, right?” (A/n: Yeobo is a Korean word of endearment that you call your married spouse)

“Let me get up, Jungkook—”

One movement after another and somehow he is above you, caging you in with his four limbs.


Jungkook came down on you with a big kiss.

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