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❛ brush ❜

; send me ❛ brush ❜ for my character’s reaction to your character running their fingers through my character’s hair.

          She knows she can’t allow herself to show such weakness in front of him. Even if they are on the same side, even if they are the same, both lost in the path of darkness, both turning away from fate, she still can’t let anyone see her flinch. Because showing weakness is something Sir Ithnan taught her never to do, and Dunya still respects his teachings, because that’s how she’s managed to survive until now.

          Reason why she shifts her gaze to face the ground, eyes squeezed shut to fight back the tears that threaten to pour down her cheeks. Reason why she tries to move away from him, hide her pain, her misery.

             However, when she feels his fingers brush against her hair, such simple action, she realizes she’s frozen in place, unable to contain the tears. It’s been a while since she’s allowed anyone to reach her in such a way. Ever since that day, she doesn’t like to be touched. Yet this man caught her off guard, reason why her blurry eyes widen as they focus on him once more.

                What is it about this person that makes her act so weak?

            “I…I apologize for the outburst…It was shameful.” She tries to regain some dignity by trying to keep her head held high as she speaks. “I…I am sorry, that you…that you had to see me like this.”

          “Were you…were you trying to comfort me, your highness…?” She offers him a curtsy as she adds “If so…thank you.”