So yeah a vid of simon with a girl, tobi too and vik now too apparently. But like pls it’s their privacy and we need to respect that. I saw a lot of tweets hating on those girls and honestly, it disgusts me. LISTEN OK BUT LIKE IF YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO BE WITH ONE OF THEM ONE DAY, YOU’RE WRONG AND YOU KNOW WHY?!!! BECAUSE YOU CANT RESPECT THEM AND YOU ARE WRITING SHIT ON THEIR TIMELINE AND THE BOYS SURELY DONT NEED SOME IMMATURE 12 YEAR OLDS TO HATE ON THEIR GIRLFRIENDS OR WHATEVER JUST BECAUSE THEY HOPE TO GET WITH SIMON OR TOBI ONE DAY. THE BOYS ARE ON THEIR TWENTIES TRYING TO HAVE FUN THEY ARE ADULTS AND ARE WAAAAY TOO OLD FOR YALL (Talking to people who are tweeting hate on twitter btw) Also i think im kinda high writing this. Love

YouTube No.1 Dad

Ok, Josh today honestly warmed my heart when ever someone was injured and he tried to help. Especially when JMX was having like a panic attack and josh was helping him through it!


You cannot tell me that this is not the greatest thing ever.

here’s a lil bit of adorable JJ, because i feel like there’s not enough posts about his cute side