vrisrezi & relationship-related insecurity

i feel like vriska and terezi would both have their own ways of behaving towards each other as partners/matesprits/girlfriends and it would probably cause them some communication issues before they became Comfortably In Love

like in-canon they have a huge falling out that really turns the tables on how they see & interact with each other and i try to capture that when i write them

i would imagine that vriska would be – especially based on parts of the comic when terezi was Over vriska – pretty overzealously affectionate and in love with terezi ESP during their honeymoon phase, to the point where terezi almost finds it irritating/overwhelming. not in a bad way, she loves vriska, but w her own struggles w mental illness and trauma she needs to have her space sometimes and can’t always be forthright and honest with vriska. sometimes terezi will ask for space and vriska will pretend VERY hard that she’s ok with it but then have an absolute meltdown in private. vriska has a careless & detached side for sure, but as evidenced by her relationship w meenah she has a LOT of love and affection and smiles to give when she really cares about her partner. she’s very dorky and overly invested

ON THE FLIP SIDE there are times in their relationship where terezi feels like she’s so much more in love with vriska than vriska is with her, to the point where she – unlike vriska, who tries harder and becomes MORE affectionate and fishes for reciprocation as much as she can – starts to withdraw and become distant because she’s pretty convinced vriska is going to leave. we see this in the comic towards the very end, when terezi leaves a very long winded confession to vriska that lays bare her own insecurities about vriska not “needing” terezi as much as terezi needs vriska.

i figure a confession like that would probably come at some point in their relationship even w/out Game Shenanigans going on, and terezi honestly strikes me as the type to very kindly and casually say “hey vriska, look it’s been really great but i can tell you’re not really feeling it and it’s ok if we’re just friends ya know” (even though she’s absolutely torn up inside)

BUT AS SOON AS SHE SAYS IT vriska bursts in to horrible crocodile tears and starts hyperventilating and asking what she did wrong and tells terezi frantically how much she doesn’t want her to leave

terezi kind of realizes – as she does sometimes – that a lot of her insecurities are built up in her head and that vriska is absolutely the most clingy matesprit alive and she laughs @ herself for having doubts


i feel like these types of misunderstandings and gaps in communication would happen for them more than a few times ESP in the first few months/years of their relationship, mostly bc they are both so insecure & self loathing & mentally ill & absolutely in love with the other

but EVENTUALLY things mellow out and their relationship actually becomes a lot more like when they were friends as kids – two inseparable ppl who rip on each other constantly, argue comfortably without holding grudges, finish each other’s sentences and eat each other’s food at restaurants, mercilessly tease everyone they know, and just genuinely enjoy each other’s company as a constant, comforting presence.

and they are totally, TOTALLY in love.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this bagel to take off so quickly! I’ve only been here a month, so this is also kinda like a one month celebration too! Really, I am so elated to be running this bagel because y'all have been so kind to me and I’ll admit: I had varying days of activity because I was bagel hopping and I’m sure you’ve all recognized I am TERRIBLE at multibagelling. (My sincerest apologies.) Anyhow, this fandom has only shown me wonderful little starlings and such a beautiful atmosphere, so instead of a bias list or anything (Though definitely gonna list the baes I interact with a lot first.)– I’m doing a Masterlist of all my followers (Mutuals & Non-Mutuals) so you guys can go check each other out!

My dash is honestly filled with such wonderful people && I am so friggin’ delighted.

                               Thank you guys so much!

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the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

Blog Post: Thoughts on Mystic Messenger

My latest obsession, ha ha ha…

For those who don’t know, it’s a partially voiced Korean otome game available for Android (…and more recently, iOS) made by Studio Cheritz. It’s made to look and feel like a real messenger application. Yes, it’s free, and you can even earn points to open paid features (—it really depends on how dedicated you are to avoid paying because the game is real-time). Buying game currency for paid features is super cheap though. They also offer a VIP package on their shop (^^ mine is arriving soon, woohoo~).

What I like about it: It’s a very unique game. The first of its kind probably…(if there is a precedence, I’d like to know!). The characters are all diverse, interesting, and full of life. The dialogues feel very real. They sometimes even call you, and there are a ton of CGs. I totally love the music.

What I don’t like about it: Bugs, updates, bugs, updates…but at least they remunerate you for it. Limited choice selections. Although the character’s dialogues are usually very organic, your choices often aren’t.

~ [ P e r s o n a l   T h o u g h t s ] ~

The rest of this post is slightly spoiler-ish, but not really…

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