Have Fun Storming The Castle! Part 2: Praise the Lord and Start the Demolition

(Somehow we manage to get the plan to work, teleporting, killing a guard on the toilet, and we all stealth off on our separate ways to start lighting the place up. Clearly, the armored cleric making a successful stealth check was a pipe dream, and two guards spot him.)

Guard: “What are you doing here?”

Cleric: “I’m just performing my duty, sir.” (Not untrue.)

Guard: “We don’t hire half-orcs.”

Cleric: “Really? That’s unfortunate.”

Guard: “Who hired you?”

Cleric: “Oh, uh, I think it was General–“ and I just swing my sword at him. Is he evil?

DM: Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Cleric: Awesome. Adding holy damage to the total…

DM: You cut him in half, and the other guard screams. Others come to swarm you.

(The fires start burning, and thanks to good armor and good rolls, the cleric is one-shotting soldiers 4 levels lower than him.)

Cleric: I think I should probably get an atonement spell after all this is over. If it feels this good, it’s probably wrong.


anyways here’s a compilation of Lance showing leadership amongst his teammates when Shiro isn’t there/paying attention, with an added bonus of the one time he and Shiro were on a mission together


24 February 2017 - Twitter Update

Original - [17’S] 어느 멋진 날에 짠!하고 나타나서 ❤ 캐럿들의 금요일은 보컬팀이 책임진다! #불금 #세븐틴과_함께해 #캐럿과_함께_하는_오늘이_어느_멋진날

Trans - [17’S] On a fine day Jjan! and you appeared ❤ Vocal team is responsible for Carats’ Friday! #Burning Friday* #Be together with Seventeen #Today, a fine day together with Carats

Trans by @mc-gyu credit if use

*It is similar to TGIF