مع الـفجرِ أو حالكـاتِ الظلام
ستحرُسـها أعـيُـنٌ لا تـنـام

بروحِ الـفريقِ و عزمِ الـرجـال
و دينِ المحبة ديـنِ الـسلام

ستبقينَ يا قبلةَ الـمُسـلمين
ملاذًا و حُصنـًا قويًا أمـين

وحَـقًا لأهلـكِ أن يـفخروا
بماضٍ مجيدٍ وعهدٍ مَكين

صقورٌ تُعانق هام السحَاب
دعاها إلى المجدِ روحُ الشباب

لتحمي البلاد وعـاشَ المليـك و عاشَ الوطـَن 🇸🇦❤️.


‏جمال الروح يزداد عندما ينزل الله رحمته على عبادة 💕
اللهم اغث أرواحنا و أزهر الحب و الخير في قلوبنا💕🕊

As feminists we are here for women, and that includes all women across the globe.

Dina Ali is a Saudi women who was caught fleeing Saudi Arabia hoping to get refuge in Australia and then sent back to her abusive family. Her family then had her arrested and she will most likely be spending her life there, if she’s not killed in a honor killing.

Saudi women face several difficulties as they can’t do a lot of things without their male guardian permission. Their male guardian can be their father, husband or even their son, basically any male relative. They are in full control of the women as they have the right to make decisions regarding her education, work, traveling, marriage, health care.

Western feminists are in a better position to speak up against injustices. We should support other women not just the struggles of western feminism. Feminism is not feminism if it’s not for all women