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Thoughts on Mashiro Shiina

Shiina? Main heroine from Sakurasou? This girl?

Her lack of thigh highs did actually bother me back when it aired and she’s certainly a weird one, but cute nonetheless. Barring the lack of thigh highs, I thought her design was excellent, especially given the show’s focus on soft pastel colour. And like 50% of the official art starring her, as above, primarily features some variation of disheveled clothing which, I don’t know. I’m pretty into that. It’s a hot cool look.

Absolutely incomparable with Nanami, though.

It always made me mad that she was destined to lose to Mashiro because she’s perfect.


“Since you told me not to go, and you held me.

 i can still hear your voice in my ear,

 i can still feel your body.

 What happend to me? Is this… Love?”

Mashiro Shiina - Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo