empressdelalune asked:

How would Kouen, Koumei and Judal react if their s/o died in their arms?

(Y’all just never wanna be happy again is that it)

Judal: Judal feels desperate, his heart lurching in his chest as he begins to see the light fade from your eyes. He wants to shake your body angrily but knows that it will only further deepen your wounds, his grip on your body growing tighter though he knows you can hardly feel him there. He curses his fate a million times over, and when he’s finished, he curses himself a million times more, tears dripping down his face and onto yours as he watches your eyes open and close for the last time.

Kouen Ren: Kouen’s normal emotionless expression is replaced with one that is clearly pained, with him sweeping any excess hair and blood from your face as you desperately trying to get air. There were many things in his life he had regretted, and not being able to save you would now get to be at the top of that list; he holds your hand against his heart to let you know he’s still there; as your vision begins to fade to black, he leans down to whisper in your ear, his voice being the last thing you hear before you fade away.

Koumei Ren: Koumei knows better than to show emotion in a time like this, especially with you watching him and silently relying on him for support, but he can’t help himself. He can feel the tears gather at the corners of his eyes, a few slipping down as he holds you against his chest and begs for you to hold on just a little longer. But there was nothing he could do, his thoughts becoming irrational as he feels your grip on him growing looser, wanting in that moment to be anything but alive.