Elle était là, dans tes bras. Elle souriait si fort que j'ai cru qu'elle allait exploser de bonheur. Elle sentait l'amour à des kilomètres, et tes mots étaient son parfum. Elle était belle, accrochée à tes lèvres. Belle comme je ne le serais sûrement jamais. Peut-être qu'il était là, le secret de tes bras : ils savaient la rendre belle.
—  centmotssanstoi

Ama telefonumda hala resmini saklıyorsam. Ya da derin bir cümle de boğulurken aklıma adından başka bir şey gelmiyorsa ve fotoğraflarımızı birleştiriyorsam hastalıklı bir manyak gibi; seviyorumdur hala seni en ücra köşelerimle. Adın hala titretiyorsa bu bedeni, bitmemişsindir bir insanda. Bitmedin bu insanda.

[Food For Thought] | Prologue | Canada + K | Closed

#food tw

Canada has grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and that certain lifestyle does not include any food that comes out of a can. As much as she wants to pretend she doesn’t care, that she’s as rough and tumble as the rest of them… the dog food honestly looks more appealing to the human food available. Which means that she’s simply have to look elsewhere!

… It would be.. altogether too easy, she reasons, to go wandering off in the direction of the buildings off of the camp base. And there’s no absolute certainty that there will be edible food there, either. Plus, there could be rioters, looters… All manner of weaponed antagonist… And how can she fight them off, truly, on an empty stomach?

Canada instead decides its time to meet her new teammates! And mooch off of them shamelessly.

She picks a tent at random, fwipping open the tent flap with no regard for the stranger’s privacy… and gives them her best, brightest smile.

Hey there, tiger,” she winks. “You just hit the jackpot.”