far right-wing conservatives say the sky is blue, if you think the sky is blue you are the same as them

some suggestions to avoid this problematic behavior:

  • instead of “b**e,” use terms like pthalo, azure, cornflower, or any of the many options on the blue spectrum
  • redefine blue to include any color you like, orange can be blue if you will it
  • redefine sky to include literally everything, the sky can’t be blue if it’s also the ground
  • blatantly ignore that the sky is blue because sometimes it is not blue, for example at sunset, and this small percentage of time clearly outweighs the majority of the day
  • imagine how is touch the sky
  • make sure you always, always center pink, orange, yellow, or any of the other colors that occasionally occur in the sky that aren’t blue in your blue activism
  • if you hear someone say the sky is blue, gently remind them that they’re aligning themselves with right-wing conservatives by observing reality and are probably terrible people
“Why don’t you just call yourself agender?”

This is a question I’ve gotten more than once so I decided to do a longer post about it.  When I say I don’t have a gender identity, many people take that to mean I’m agender or some other type of nonbinary.  I guess if I wanted to use gender labels, agender wouldn’t exactly be wrong, but I don’t want to work within the framework of gender in the first place.  I’m a gender abolitionist so I’m against the social construct of gender, I don’t believe in it as an innate identity, and I think that calling myself agender would diminish what I’m trying to say– basically just playing into the very system that I think shouldn’t exist.  I’m female but that’s literally only because of my anatomy, and being female doesn’t say anything about my personality or how my brain works.  I don’t feel any strong sense of “womanness,” I just happen to exist in this body.  And usually when I see others talk about why they “feel female” it’s things like being sensitive or quiet, liking certain types of clothes, liking having shaved legs, basically all the things that women are coerced into doing in order to be “attractive” whether they identify with those things or not.  I’d rather challenge the idea of what women can be (literally whatever we want) than say I’m somehow a different gender because I’m not a “girly girl” and don’t feel any desire to be.  Hope that makes sense.

i love gunnerkrigg court because most of the chapters are called pretty things like “the fangs of summertime” or “the great secret,” but then some of them are called things like “parley and smitty are in this one” or “red’s friend gets a name too i suppose”

Flatworms are hermaphrodites and clownfish can change their sex therefore human sexual dimorphism doesn’t exist

Birds have feathers therefore humans also have feathers

Tartigrades can survive in temperatures above 300F therefore so can humans, seriously, try it

There is no difference between human biology and that of any other animal species, species is a spectrum or whatever and idk wouldn’t that make you furryphobic or something?

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