FT 528 - What if it is Anna?

The most possible theory for FT 528 is that the ending panel is indeed Anna Heartfilia. I agree, the outfit and hair make me think of her, but if it is her, what is she really going to do?

What I mean by this is what can Anna do? She has no spirits to our knowledge that she could hold right? Well, here are my predictions for what she is going to contribute to the story line if it is her:

  • She has Aquarius’s key. Let’s be honest, Aquarius is probably the strongest celestial spirit because spirits are based off bonds with their “master”. If her key is back in play being in Anna’s care I find her using it to take on Acnologia or entrusting the key to Erza to give to Lucy, adding more to the plot as to why Lucy doesn’t have her key. Remember- no one in fairy tail knows this yet (and its a topic I’ve been dying to come up and talk about w her and the family)
  • Lucy could die. Fact is, if this is Anna then there are some major risks here. When FL (future lucy) died it didn’t affect Lucy- meaning that her death wouldn’t equal her own. But now that Anna is here, if Zeref were to kill her/she died somehow that equals end game for Lucy. This is another way Lucy can die now and add onto the risks for her going on later. And what more you may ask? 
    ( !! Major speculation about this next part SO !! ) 
    Well, Lucy could lose her right hand. I feel that it makes sense if Anna could die, Lucy could pull a FL and save Anna, because what FL said herself: “if her past self were to die, she would too”. Anna cannot die, and Lucy would have to save her in order to save herself. I feel that this could be how Lucy could possibly lose her right hand. 
  • She is apart of Mavis’s plan. If Mavis somehow doesn’t sense Anna then I call bull. Mavis knows, and Anna is apart of her plan. I’m not to sure as to what Mavis’s plan is exactly, but somehow Anna is getting roped into it whether she likes it or not. 
  • She teaches Lucy. I think this goes along with the first by having Aquarius’s key. I feel like she is going to teach Lucy a forbidden/lost magic that celestial users don’t/can’t use anymore. In doing so I think this magic she learns will save Natsu in the end (lol puns!)

tl;dr though like lowkey don’t trust anna. Like Zeref has said, Anna was his friend. 

And who is Zeref trying to kill? Natsu, Mavis and possible Anna (and Lucy)

And can we also remember it was Anna’s initial plan to defeat Acnologia from the beginning? Like, bitch could be back to take care of business.   


  • how tf did she get to 400 years in the future at this moment?
  • did she know Zeref was using her?
  • was she alongside Zeref from the beginning? (I doubt this BUT)
  • is she aware she is putting Lucy at extreme danger and the future as well? Lets be real dudes Lucy actually dying is no bene, she absolutely can’t if Natsu is to have any future

I find it ironic that Lucy and Natsu have their own kryptonite & could possibly die, and they both are from 400 years ago…

Serious question that has bothered me for quite sometime

I get that Anna is Lucy’s ancestor from 400 years in the past.

What I don’t get is why Anna looks exactly like Lucy and Layla. 

Anna’s last name is Heartfilia, so that would make her a descendant on Lucy’s FATHER, Jude Heartfilia’s side, wouldn’t it? Layla and Lucy are both Heartfilia’s because they have inherited the Heartfilia name by marriage / birth.

Layla didn’t have the Heartfilia last name until she married Jude. We don’t know what her maiden name was or really anything about her before she got married.  

So why does Anna look exactly like Layla, who has no blood relation at all??

Have the Heartfilia’s (JUDE’S BLOOD FAMILY) been marrying Anna/Layla’s family for years?? 

Edit: I know the Heartfilia’s have been recognized as a “clan” but stating that people within the clan marry each other in order to maintain the surname is a little ridiculous considering Jude was going to marry Lucy off to a stranger “duke/prince” so that she could bear a son.


Ft ch 528

Chapter is out, bright early morning

It was a good chapter all around. I liked seeing Wendy’s resolve and bravery despite facing Acnologia. She’s so cuteeeeeee

So bored of Jerza. Jellal is easily the only gary stu in this manga.

Dragon Acnologia was fierce, and badass, but he could’ve easily taken down Jellal in his human form tho. Whatevs, Dragon Acnologia is badass.

Blue Pegasus and Ichiya are back! Woot!
Also, I feel like that lady is Anna Heartfilia, a descendant of Lucy

but we’ll see. I guess Anna x Acnologia fanarts influenced Mashima haha

Now If there was some Gruvia, this would’ve been an excellent chapter.

For now it’s passable, mainly for Wendy, Acnologia and Ichiya.

Okay everyone It’s a very sad message but

There is confirmation from Hiro that this is the last Arc FT.

Cover of volume 60:

“I was so delighted as Volume 50 was released, and here we are at volume 60. Surprisingly fast, is not it? I think some of you already guessed that it was the last Fairy Tail saga. I will do my best to draw to the end so please stay with us.“

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)
Lucy Saving Others

Lucy has Saved the Entire Guild 2 Times.

Lucy has saved Magnolia 2 Times

Lucy has saved Natsu+Co on multiple occasions.

Lucy has saved her Spirits on occasion.

So next time people say Hiro treats Lucy like nothing more than a Damsel in Distress take a moment and realize it isn’t Hiro who treats her like a Damsel in Distress but rather you belittling her importance.