#Timeless : video essay/design fiction about identity, time and with an exceptional line-up featuring brilliant minds like Bernhard Hermann, Bruce Sterling and Rafaël Rozendaal. Another inspiring creation by Gabriel Shalom and Patrizia Kommerell from KS12.

Some months ago we had a nice dinner with a nice group of people in Berlin, organized by Mario Gamper (Ideas will Travel) and Marcello (Platoon). Along with them we met Gabriel and Patrizia, a beautiful couple who shared with us a bit of what this project was about. Now that we watch it for the first time we feel lucky, inspired and #timeless.

In a dark and somehow sad day for the “internet people”, watching this video is quite refreshing.

Thanks Gabriel and Patrizia, you give us #timeless hope.

(by KS12)


The Future of Art

“What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era? How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership in art? How does micropatronage change the way artists produce and distribute artwork? The Future of Art begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation.”

No. 237 #dailycafevideo - 2.8.10
ARTIST: KS12 / Emergence Collective



Design fiction… Experimental Storytelling. Meet KS12. This short “Timeless” features one of our fave artists Rafaël Rozendaal and lots of fun thinking about the current digital era.

“The digital settles in as background. We remember less and query more. Our identity play would be considered schizophrenic in the last century. We have more friends than ever before yet know new frontiers of isolation. The quantification of our experience haunts us in the form of a persistent history. And we are distracted more than we ever knew possible. These circumstances are paradoxically a description of the near future and a diagnosis of the current state of affairs. The truly timeless is redefined – it has transcended that which is classic; it has become that which is never finished.

Timeless a video essay / design fiction by KS12”

LINK TO KS12: http://ks12.net/


Lørdag d. 30. juni var jeg til fernisering på Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2012. Det kan godt være lidt svært at forstå i sit hoved, hvor stort det egentlig er at være med der. Men når man så ser på tallene: 2014 værker af 424 kunstnere indsendt og 143 værker af 71 kunstnere antaget - deriblandt ét af mine, det er da ret stort.

Jeg har vedlagt et par billeder, hvor man kan se mit lille værk hænge på de store vægge i Janusbygningen.

Her kan ses billeder fra ferniseringen

Yderligere presse-materiale fra KS12 her


Was just linked to this video by @VenessaMiemis. some amazing thoughts on social media and the impact it has on our lives today and in the future. 

Watching things like this makes me so glad I chose this topic for my major project. Even though i’m currently quite behind on the design side of things, I’ve learnt so much this year. It has honestly changed my outlook on life and on the future of our society. It’s so empowering to know that every day, the internet offers us the platform to be agents of change, and the chance to be a part of something, no matter who we are or where in the world we come from. Sure that may sound like an overly optimistic statement as I am more than well aware that the internet is also used as a platform for many negative actions, but the fact is that the internet/social media itself is “not inherently good, evil or otherwise.” It is what we make of it; and getting to talk with so many people during this project who truly believe we can use it to have a positive impact on both the physical and digital world has been so inspiring. Gives me hope :)

#latenightthoughts #gettingsoppy

AWSS2028 Web, Art and Design Week01

Brief: Watch video, write 400 words and make a video.

The Future of Art from KS12

(url: http://vimeo.com/19670849)

Video Analysis:

“More free time, more access to resources and infinite knowledge at finger tips”, Aaron Koblin. The time it takes to paint a portrait with paint versus a digital creation with data is incomparable, a few clever lines of code can form an interesting and insightful creation that allows the data to convey the understanding through its behaviour and representation. Koblin describes this dynamic form of art as “non-linear, interactive experiences”, I believe this is a progression of traditional art practices as their ideas can have a certain justification through their raw materials, often data contributed by viewers and society. There is less of a separation between artist and audience, which can be comforting or provocative towards the audience. Jonathan Harris’ work, ‘I Want You To Want Me’ was a 2008 interactive visualisation that used dating profile data with pink (female) and blue (male) balloons to allow the audience to explore the available information in a few different ways. The artist has constructed different forms of interaction to highlight key concepts of online love and dating. The result seems very personal but it’s using information available to and created by the public. Harris’ work relies on the interface to gain an audience and create the connection. The raw data, although readily available, doesn’t have the same context and understanding given to it through the interactions. Koblin believes the interface is what’s going to define the 21st century not the database alone. Ken Wahl develops this philosophy and questions whether it’s the database, interface or the actual use of the artwork.

'I Want You To Want Me’, Jonathan Harris: http://www.number27.org/iwytwm.html

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZUaXDm4qik

'Montage’, Toby Reid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKcBKaIlZgM

Response: a video montage of edited images with an 8 bit interpretation of a song as the soundtrack, many layers of editing, not much actually done by me.


The Future of Art (by KS12) #futureofart

Another brilliant idea by Emergence Collectiva + KS12

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Jeg har i år indsendt fire værker til den statsanerkendte censurerede Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 2012. Ét af mine værker er blevet antaget til udstillingen.

Antaget blev værket “Man skal ikke skyde gråspurve med kanoner”.

Men de tre andre værker klarede sig også ret fint. “Hættemåge” udgik i tredje runde, “Krage søger mage” og “Bogfinke” udgik i anden runde.

Alt sammen ret spændende for mig, da det er første gang jeg indsender til en censureret udstilling.

KS12 har fernisering d. 30. juni, og kan ses frem til d. 5. august i Janusbygningen.

Artikel vedr. KS12.


Delivered in Beta from KS12 on Vimeo.

Several weeks ago at the Group Screw weekly meeting we were privy to some amazing discussion about large concepts and short term projects.  Here is a video that we shared with the group to kick off the discussion on innovation and applying Open Design principles to the experience at Art Center College of Design.